Here’s How You Can Maximize the Potential of Your Marketing Strategies & Dramatically Boost Your Profitability…

Work. With. Tina.

There are several different ways I work with my clients.

But no matter what path we may explore together, the very first step for anyone interested in working with me is this…


This is a concise, 30-minute complimentary get-acquainted call where I will interview you to get familiar with your business.

You’ll undoubtedly discover some gaping holes in your current marketing, or at the very least, an eye-opening realization about how much more effective your marketing could be.

I have yet to have anyone leave a Discovery without a deep appreciation for what they have gained from our time together.

While there is no charge for a Discovery, I do require you to complete the application form.

Why? Because if you’re “just curious,” price shopping, or are not primed to take action for your business, we won’t waste each other’s time.

And if filling out the form is too much trouble, we’re not a good fit.

Please be aware that you should not schedule a complimentary Discovery if…

You’re not prepared to invest at a high level in your business.

You like the idea of online marketing but aren’t ready to take action yet.

You don’t really believe it’s possible to make money online and want to be convinced.

You’re reluctant to be forthcoming about your marketing.

You do not have the resources to implement a multi-faceted marketing campaign.

Still with me? Great!

Filling out the application form is the first step.

After we chat a bit, you may realize you are raring to go, but not exactly sure how to get there yet. You need a bit more information but are willing to take the next step.

And in fact, I also may need more to work with before I can make specific recommendations for your marketing strategy.

Think of it like this…

Our home in Tucson is perched on acreage at the base of the stunning Catalina mountains. There’s a world-famous trailhead right at the edge of our property, that winds up the side of the mountain to a fantastic array of seven waterfalls.

People come from all over the world to hike it, and they often start before first light to see the sunrise, or spend the night camped on the mountain.

I frequently see the bobbing glow of their LED lanterns and headlamps as they make their way up the trails.

It’s temporarily dark and they can’t see where they’re going, but they know it’s going to be gorgeous and SO worth it when they see what’s waiting for them!

Ready to shine a light into the dark places of your marketing so you can see what’s waiting for you?

Awesome! I love working with decisive action takers who are eager to realize all their potential. Let’s bust out the lanterns and hit the trial together.


One Powerful Hour of Consulting

Illumination is a one-on-one phone consultation and exploration.

You’ll be able to ask me anything you’d like related to your website, your marketing, a product launch, your email campaigns, just about anything to do with your business.

How It Works:

You’ll fill out your application, including the section asking if you’re ready for an illumination session. You may already know you want this, or it may come to light during our Discovery. That’s OK. We can take that step when we come to it.

After your application is accepted, if you indicate you already know you want to illuminate, you’ll receive an email with several potential times for our call.

You’ll also get an onboarding invitation, asking you to send me the questions you’d like answered on our call. I’ll want to see your website, and any other marketing collateral you’d like to discuss.

This allows me to fully prepare for our conversation. And no worries, it doesn’t mean the questions for our call are set in stone either. When I work this way with a client, there is always a very organic flow to the conversation.

You’ll be able to ask me additional questions that may come up during our call. And don’t be surprised when I also have plenty of questions for YOU as well!

Our call will be conducted on a conference line, so I can record it for you.

Then I’ll send you the sound file after our call. I highly recommend you plan to have it transcribed, so you don’t miss anything. Once I get rolling, the ideas fly fast and furious!

Recording the call will also free you from frantically taking notes during our time together, so you can focus on being present and fully participating.

NOTE: illuminations can also be structured as a package for a series of 1:1 personal coaching and mentoring calls.

This is an excellent option for honing your copywriting skills and establishing a firm foundation & strategy for launching a product or service.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here for more information.

Right about now, you may be wondering…

What Is Your Investment?

The fee is $5000 USD per illumination session. Fees are payable in advance to schedule my time, via bank wire or overnight check.

If that seems expensive to you, consider this.

“My experience working with Tina Lorenz in a private coaching program was life altering for me.

Having had some experience with Tina’s copywriting courses previously, I certainly knew about her history and many accomplishments within the direct marketing industry and copywriting promotions. However, I wasn’t yet aware of her ability to literally create new insights in business and life for her private clients.

Starting with a fresh landscape, and then going through a question and answer discussion session, I was given clear insights and feedback on my own business ideas.

Even more importantly, ideas and recommendations were provided in a clear, concise way, without all of the fluff and confusing clutter that is far too common in today’s marketing and consulting worlds.

With Tina’s help, my business ideas were clarified, target markets were identified, and highly effective marketing campaigns were put in place.

Along the way, I also benefited from Tina’s insights on business and life, and my time working closely with her remains one of the most significant and beneficial experiences in my last 30 years of doing business.

In fact, I hope to have the opportunity of collaborating with her again to grow my business even further.

If you have that opportunity for yourself, I highly recommend you make the very wise investment to work with Tina in a private coaching arrangement.”

Troy Steine, Vancouver, Canada

After more than a decade of working with clients in this way, I can absolutely promise you’ll leave your consultation with at least several illuminating epiphanies about profitable possibilities for your business.

Even ONE breakthrough concept could produce a return on your investment many times over.

This is also a realistic first step, given the level of investment you’ll be making in your business should we continue working together.

Plus, keep in mind you’ll have a recording of the entire call, with extremely specific strategies you can implement immediately.

For example, depending on your unique situation, you may receive suggestions for the exact words to use in elements of your copy, recommendations for headlines, email sequence structures, and product launch strategies.

It’s really up to you. I never try to cajole, convince, push, pull, or in any way drag someone into investing with me. That’s not a good scenario for either one of us and doesn’t create the kind of mutually beneficial energy necessary for us to successfully work together.

In addition, because I’m extremely busy working with clients who have already invested in their business, I only have time to work with those who are highly motivated and understand the value of what they are receiving.

If that’s you, fantastic! I look forward to receiving your completed application form.

Now that you see what’s possible, it’s time to…


When you’re ready to jump in with both feet, this is where you’ll land.

Strategic Copywriting Packages created to consistently…

IDENTIFY what’s needed to AMP™ up your marketing…

AMPLIFY your effectiveness, visibility, and reach…

FORTIFY your connection with your audience…

SIMPLIFY the process for your prospects…

CLARIFY your offer for predictable conversions…

MULTIPLY your reliably increasing profitability…

This is where the rubber meets the road, with the thoughtful construction of multiple elements of copy and content.

NOTE: Please be aware, the majority of my copywriting packages are multi-facetedIn most cases, this is what will serve you most effectively.

I only write individual “one-piece projects”, for clients who are already extremely successful in their markets, have a high level of expertise themselves, and know exactly how a new sales letter or other element of marketing collateral dovetails into their existing strategies.

Honestly, this is a rare event.

Clients I’ve made this exception for include Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Denise Duffield-Thomas, and other well-known marketers who already have an exceptionally effective marketing machine running full tilt.

“Tina really came through for me as I had an incredibly tight deadline to write 32 scripts for videos for my new course, and an extreme reluctance to sit down and do it myself with my limited time and energy.

The new program was extraordinarily important to me, but the task seemed impossible to hand off to any old copywriter. 

Tina to the rescue!

Tina totally nailed the brief, with a great attention to the transformation I needed for my course and really found my voice too. We had to do very minimal editing on our side. 

What a life-saver! Thanks Tina!”


Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mentor, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur

Again, this type of tightly structured, single-element endeavor is unusual, and NOT the way the majority of client projects are implemented.

So, if you’ve got an idea for a new e-book, or would like a postcard and three emails written as a baby step for your marketing…there are plenty of copywriters out there who will be chomping at the bit to work with you.

But that’s not me.

This is what I refer to as “short order copywriting,” meaning an “ala carte” approach to elements of copy. Sorry, no can do.

I only work with clients who are ready and willing to implement an entire sequence of strategies for their business.

This may include, but not be limited to…

Product Launches…

Click Funnel Components…

ASK Campaigns…

Complete Marketing Strategies…

Video Scripts…

Opt-In Pages…

Segmented Email Sequences…

Sales Letters…

Direct Mail Promotions…

Two-Step Marketing from Offline to Online…

Headline Variations for Split Testing…

Webinar Scripts…

Innovative Opt-In Incentive Creation…

Client Interviews…


Testimonial Harvesting…

Facebook Ad Copy…

Adwords Ad Copy…


Client Team Training…

And Much More, Depending on YOUR Specific Marketing Needs…

Fees are quoted based on the scope of the project, and payable in advance to reserve my time.

How much? Don’t know until we talk, but here’s a hint:

If you’re looking for Lamborghini impact at Smart Car prices, I’m not the one for you.

Because sometimes, all it takes is ONE brilliant strategy…

ONE email brought in $100,000 for my client in ONE day.

ONE launch of a $37 product made my clients instant millionaires.

ONE 2-page direct mail letter made my client a million dollars in PROFIT.

What would results like that be worth to you?

You know the saying, “You get what you pay for?” Yeah, that.

I seldom endorse other copywriters because I don’t want to feel responsible if they blow up your project. But I feel safe in recommending Tina. She won’t do that.

She knows how to achieve exceptional results on virtually any assignment you can throw at her because she faithfully applies proven principles of great salesmanship in everything she writes and markets.

Unlike some writers who come to your project with an entourage of preset notions and a bag of shopworn approaches, Tina starts by listening to you.

What a concept!

She listens to you with keen intensity, like a hunter silently tracking clues. She listens to what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, who your best prospects are, how to reach them, what they want most, and what kind of offer it will take to get them to respond with urgency and in high numbers.

Once she has a crystal-clear picture of your market, your message, and your best media, she’ll put the whole marketing package together for you with a pretty bow on top.

What I admire most is that she writes lively, friendly, seemingly effortless copy as if she’s lived in your prospect’s shoes for her whole life.

She knows how to talk to the heart of your readers’ emotions and wants, taking your prospect by the hand and not letting go from opening headline to a compelling call to action.

This is why her open rates and even more important her conversions are so high.

You may have to wait for her, because she’s in high demand as both a writer and teacher who shows others the ropes of how to write and market for high results.

But when the teacher herself is available, she’s the one you want.

If I were in your shoes, uncertain whom to trust with an important assignment, I’d definitely give her a call.”

 Gary Bencivenga, Owner, Accountable Advertising

By now, it could be you’ve caught the vision and want MORE.

You’re energized, you’re inspired, and you’re ready to…

AMP™ It Up

The Advanced Marketing Protocol™ Intensive:

This is another extremely effective option to begin working together.

Before we meet, you will provide me with everything you can about your business. I will send you a detailed list of what I’d like you to include. I’ll be analyzing everything you provide, including your marketing channels, copy, and product offerings.

You will travel to my location at your own expense. This could be anyplace from Washington DC to Tucson, Arizona. I’ve even had client teams fly to Central Mexico to meet with me! That’s part of the fun.

We will spend two-days together, combing through every nook and cranny of your business, and your current marketing strategies.

You’ll suddenly see your marketing strategies with focused clarity through the lens of my proprietary AMP™ method. You’ll feel a new excitement and anticipation about leveraging the untapped potential for your business.

You’ll leave with a complete marketing blueprint for your next steps, including a marketing calendar. Your brain will be tired, but your spirit will be revitalized! You’ll sense a new energy and lightness enveloping your business.

You will implement! And when you do, you will experience an exciting shift in your motivation, your business, and your bottom line.

The AMP™ Marketing Intensive is a robust financial commitment that can reward you in remarkable ways. In fact, two days with me has been known to literally revive a business that was gasping for breath.

The return on your investment could literally be life changing AND business saving, just like this…

“We had almost missed the boat on modernizing our marketing. We were on a one-way trip to business oblivion!  We approached Tina for her help just in the nick of time.

 Tina spent days analyzing our industry, our company and our marketing initiatives.  She applied her prodigious experience and AMP™ method strategies to the results of her research and met us for our first session of “tough love.” We needed to overhaul the majority of our marketing initiatives, and Tina showed us exactly how to do it.

We ended our first two-day Marketing Intensive session with wide eyes and a specific, step-by-step marketing blueprint. The real work had begun. But, with her encouragement and input, we began ticking the items off the list, implementing Tina’s strategies. As we did so, our brand and our sales reversed course … they both began to grow, and grow strongly!  

Since those initial days of triage several years’ ago, we have continued to work closely with Tina on new initiatives at both domestic and international levels. And it gets even better because Tina is a supremely talented copywriter – answering customers’ questions before they know to ask, and responding to customers’ emotional wants they don’t even know they have. Her methods are powerful and effective!

 Tina also brings an amazing intuitive aspect to her strategies that multiplies their effectiveness.  She is passionate about marketing, zeroing in on what makes people “tick” and seamlessly aligning our company’s approach and messaging to truly resonate with our customers.

We build portable sawmills. In the hands of our customers, our sawmills build dreams.

With Tina’s guidance, and the connection we have built with our customers, our sawmills are helping thousands more owners build their dreams. In the process, we have built Norwood into one of the global leaders in our industry. It is a process of legacy.

I know Tina is very selective about whom she accepts as clients. But if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.

Tina will give you incredible insight and clarity about what essential pieces are missing from your marketing, the solutions, and a powerful advantage in your business at multiple levels.”

Ashlynne V. Dale, President, Norwood Sawmills


You can read more about the Norwood story right here, including a peek at some of the marketing collaterals I created for them.

In fact, after Norwood’s Marketing Intensive, we moved into the ultimate level of working together…

Velocity Consulting:

This is the highest level of investment for personalized consulting for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and larger corporations.

The investment for this level is a six-figure minimum, for clients who are extremely committed to clear communication, collaborative thinking, and reliable implementation.

As you have seen with the Norwood Sawmills example, it is extremely valuable and potentially one of the smartest investments you could make.

This level of access to me, and dynamic strategies tailored specifically to your circumstances, can literally change the entire course of your business in a spectacular way.

Here’s the thing though. I only accept a handful of clients a year at this level.

It’s possible by the time you contact me, my calendar will already be filled. My clients tend to stay, because we continually multiply their business and bottom line with each consecutive year!

However, “life happens” for people, and things can change. Sometimes a space opens up sooner than anticipated. So, even if my schedule is fully booked, I’d recommend getting on my waiting list.

Please feel free to get in touch with me personally if you would like to explore the possibility of Velocity Consulting.

Remember, for ANY of these options, your first step is to complete this form and send it to me.

Trust Tina. Sign up to anything she is offering. Here you have the very best copywriter in your reach. I’m telling you now – don’t hesitate, just do it.

You have absolutely no idea how valuable this lady is. She’s a genius and you undoubtedly need her.

Otherwise you’re going sailing without a rudder. You could end up anywhere – and you’ll definitely end up nowhere. So, make Tina the single most important person in your business. And she’ll be there for you without a doubt. So, do it.”

Adrienne Goodeve, New Zealand

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