Let’s talk sales letters!

First of all, what does that even mean?

A sales letter is just another way of saying a webpage–the place someone lands to read your message, learn more about your offer, join your tribe, or invest in themselves.

We call it a sales letter, or sales page in the online world.

I remember the first time I wrote a sales letter way back in 2004. I can clearly recall stopping…staring at my computer screen displaying my hard earned words…and wondering where the heck I was…and where the heck I was going next!

I felt SO lost.

Since then, I’ve honed my craft to a razor sharp edge…I understand the flow and purpose of sales messages and how to write copy “from the inside out.”

And along the way, I began talking about the Anatomy of a Sales Letter. Since then, many have “swiped & borrowed” this concept–which is totally great! The more entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters who learn this, the better.

So here you go! The Anatomy of a Sales Letter awaits you.

And by the way…I still have a seat available in my private copywriting mentoring program. Now is the time to create your online business and maximize the results!

You can message me if you’d like to explore if this would be a good fit for you. #copywriting