Why work with Tina Lorenz?

"She's all about results"

“The thing I like about Tina Lorenz, aside from the fact that she can write really well, is that she is an excellent mentor and teacher. And she “gets it”.

There’s no ego with Tina—she’s all about results. I’ve known Tina for a long time and have benefitted from her advice and counsel on numerous occasions. Clearly it works. If you have the opportunity to learn from her, and get what’s in her head transplanted into yours, take advantage of that immediately. She’s awesome.”
Picture of Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Direct Response internet marketing consultant and copywriter

Why Myron Golden Recommends Tina Lorenz

"Tina Lorenz is a leading voice for baby boomers"

“Tina Lorenz (is) a leading voice for baby boomers who want to do more than garden and golf. Tina is living proof that your second act can actually be the most successful, having built a multi-million-dollar empire in her 50s.”

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Montel Williams

Emmy Award® winning television personality

"She knows How to Achieve Exceptional Results"

Tina knows how to achieve exceptional results on virtually anything you can throw at her because she faithfully applies proven principles of great salesmanship in everything she writes and markets.

You may have to wait for her, because she’s in high demand both as a writer and a teacher who shows others the ropes of how to write and market for high results. If I were in your shoes, uncertain whom to trust, I’d definitely give her a call.”

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Gary Bencivenga

Owner, Accountable Advertising

“Deeply, intuitively guided and authentic in everything that she does”

– Greg Atkins

“Tina pushes you to be more.”

– Dr. Marlene Ellis

"My Life is forever changed."

– Becky S.

"If you want to learn in a safe nurturing environment..."

“If you want to learn in a safe nurturing environment that will earn you money and respect, if you want to work less and make more, if you have a song in your heart that you want the whole world to hear, if you want to help yourself and clients be profitable, if you want to tap into a deeper knowing, if you want to find your right-fit clients, then put your trust in Tina.”

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Jenny Robinson

Owner, Perfect Pitch Copy

Everything can change in just 30-days by working directly with Tina