The thing I like about Tina Lorenz, aside from the fact that she can write really well—is that she is an excellent mentor and teacher. She’s part of our very tight-knit mastermind group, and when people have copy problems or get stumped, she’s always right there in the fray to help out.

Because the lady’s been at this a long time—not just Internet marketing, but direct response marketing. And she “gets it”. There’s no ego with Tina–she’s all about the results. She pares through everything and says, “Here’s what needs to happen.” That’s really refreshing, and it’s really rare.

I’ve known Tina for a long time and have benefited from her advice and counsel on numerous occasions. Clearly, it works—she’s got stack after stack of raving fans and clients. I think it’s next to impossible to get her to write for you these days. I’d say the next best thing is this–if you have the opportunity to learn from her, and get what’s in her head transplanted into yours, take advantage of that immediately. 

She’s the “Queen of Copy”—and she’s awesome.”     -Frank Kern

“Tina, your copy has an amazing ability to immediately capture the reader’s attention and never let go.  You’ve figured out how to get to the “sell” while building a relationship with the reader.  Plus, you’re one of the most enjoyable writers I’ve had the honor to work with!  Working with you is a win-win every time.”

~ Ann Wixon, Playwright & Entrepreneur

“I’ve worked with Tina on a number of projects now and I’ve found her advice to always be spot-on! 

Her copy SELLS, and for many that would be enough . . . but her service goes way beyond that. 

With many years of “in the trenches” experience, Tina’s advice on marketing tactics, strategies and processes could easily be the difference between striking out and hitting a home run.”

Paul Galloway, Internet Marketing Technology Consultant and Developer

“Tina really came through for me as I had an incredibly tight deadline to write 32 scripts for videos for my new course, and an extreme reluctance to sit down and do it myself with my limited time and energy. The new program was incredibly important to me, but the task seemed impossible to hand off to any old copywriter. 

 Tina to the rescue!

Tina totally nailed the brief, with a great attention to the transformation I needed for my course and really found my voice too. We really had to do minimal editing on our side. 

What a life-saver! Thanks Tina!”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mentor, 

“Tina, this is damn good!

I’ve watched Tina’s career for several years now with head-shaking awe and appreciation. She rocketed from obscurity, to top status as a freelancer, in record time.

This woman knows what’s up.

A bonus for you, Tina is one of the few writers to continue haunting multiple marketing seminars, just to stay current with what’s working now (especially online).

My first act upon arriving at an event is to look around for Tina, her hubby Ron, and Rusty The Wonder Dog…and it’s always a treat to hang with them. (And occasionally steal her notes.)

As a hot, sought-after freelancer, she brings immense insight to multiple markets and advertising techniques. Don’t be shy about partaking of her wisdom and advice and insight.”

-John Carlton

“I seldom endorse other copywriters because I don’t want to feel responsible if they blow up your project. But I feel safe in recommending Tina. She won’t do that. She knows how to achieve exceptional results on virtually any assignment you can throw at her because she faithfully applies the proven principles of great salesmanship in everything she writes and markets.

Unlike some writers who come to your project with an entourage of preset notions and a bag of shopworn approaches, Tina starts by listening to you. What a concept! She listens to you with keen intensity, like a hunter silently tracking clues. She listens to what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, who your best prospects are, how to reach them, what they want most, and what kind of offer it will take to get them to respond with urgency and in high numbers.

Once she has a crystal-clear picture of your market, your message, and your best media, she’ll put the whole marketing package together for you with a pretty bow on top.

What I admire most is that she writes lively, friendly, seemingly effortless copy as if she’s lived in your prospect’s shoes for her whole life. She knows how to talk to the heart of your readers’ emotions and wants, taking your prospect by the hand — and not letting go — from opening headline to a compelling call to action. This is why her open rates and–even more important–her conversions are so high.

You may have to wait for her, because she’s in high demand as both a writer and teacher who shows others the ropes of how to write and market for high results. But when the teacher herself is available, she’s the one you want. If I were in your shoes, uncertain whom to trust with an important assignment, I’d definitely give her a call.”

Gary Bencivenga

Owner, Accountable Advertising

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