Hi, I’m Tina Lorenz.

Are you looking for a way to maximize your effectiveness and profitability with smart copy built on a rock-solid foundation of effective marketing strategies?

You’re not alone.

The seamless integration of these two essential components is one of the most precious commodities for your business. For many of my clients it’s been priceless.

And bottom line, that’s exactly what you’ll get when we work together.

But first, let’s get acquainted!

This is the awkward part that usually goes something like this in the weirdly disconnected way most website “About Me” pages read…

(Pauses to clear throat in an attempt to be seriously official…)


When Tina Lorenz blazed into the vast arena of both on and off-line marketing and direct response copywriting, she was a complete unknown. But it didn’t take long for her first grand slam.

Tina generated over four million dollars in sales within 30-days for her shocked (and frankly a little bit hair-on-fire-out-of-his-mind freaked out) client, netting him a phenomenal one-million-dollars in profit. If you want the whole mind-boggling story, you can read it right here.

And that was just the beginning.

Her role as the “invisible force” behind six and seven figure online product launches also quickly launched Tina to being one of the most successful women in online copywriting.

For example, one of her buzz-worthy launches generated 1.55 million dollars in sales in just ten days. You can see the case study right here.

Marketing superstars like Frank Kern have dubbed Tina Lorenz the “Queen of Copy,” and the “Millionaire Maker.”

And Frank should know…Tina wrote the final version of his legendary Mass Control sales letter AND did a breakdown of the letter’s marketing strategies for his Mass Control newsletter too!

(Insert sound of screeching brakes here…)

YOURS FREE: Tina’s Million Dollar Letter! 

Gary Halbert Loved It!
Read It. Swipe It. Rock It.

OK, so here’s where it’s just time to get real. Because really, that’s all I know how to be.

For starters, let’s agree that I shall now begin speaking like an actual feisty and periodically rebellious woman who is just like you, (or kinda like you except for a few key aspects if you happen to be a guy…) instead of the “let’s pretend I didn’t really write this about myself in the third person” almost everybody uses.

Sure, it takes engaging, conversational copy PLUS a pinpoint focus on the marketing strategy driving the entire process. You absolutely must have BOTH elements interwoven to reach maximum effectiveness and engagement.

But there’s this other “thing” at play, a “thing” you can’t really teach, or learn from somebody else.

What I realized over the years of consulting, strategizing, mentoring, teaching, and inspiring others to great heights of success—is the simple fact that there’s always been something else running behind the scenes like a covert search engine.

Something far more powerful than can be explained by any knowledge, experience, or training.

Over time, I discovered it was something I kind of took for granted. But it was also something I couldn’t teach. Why?

Because it’s a gift.

And it’s given from a place my marketing buddy Perry Marshall refers to as The Head Office.

I am able to tap into a profoundly intuitive ability that is always at play with the way I work with my clients.

Why me? I dunno.  I’m definitely a work in progress. But for some miraculous reason, it’s been given to me by God. And I am thankful.

It’s the hidden power illuminating the unspoken depths of what you’re really selling and why.

It’s entwined throughout every nuance of the marketing message, unseen but visceral.

Think of it as me reading between the lines for you, zeroing in on elements you may not even be aware of, or haven’t consciously been able to articulate before.

But you instinctively KNOW it, and feel the truth when you hear it.

Sometimes, you actually get goosebumps when it hits you full throttle.

Some clients (even tough guy Internet Marketers!) are even moved to tears when they read their copy. They don’t know why exactly, they just FEEL the difference.

And sometimes you get a message on your phone in the middle of a marketing conference from a client saying…

“Tina, I’ve spent 30-years trying to put what I do into words. And you just did it for me. Thank you!” 

~Jerry McNellis, Pittsburgh, PA 

Not to worry, there are no gossamer wings, flowing robes, or mesmerizing chanting involved. Oh heck no. I’m so totally NOT about the goddess thing. Kinda see myself as more of a warrior or renegade actually.

(Potentially damaging confession: I have an abiding love for authentic Hawaiian shirts. Don’t judge.)

At any rate, it’s not something we even have to discuss specifically—it’s just part of where the inspiration, motivation, and specific strategies come from, to light a fire under your marketing.

Fact is, when I step back and realize how consistently this is a natural part of what I do,  it’s actually more “WOW” than “woo.”

As you let this marinate a bit, perhaps this “previously-to-right-this-minute-unspoken-truth” will send you hotfooting it to another website, to seek out someone more “normal” in the world of marketing and consulting (if there is such a thing!)

And that is totally and completely perfect! If it’s all too much for you to believe or you’re rolling your eyes by now, it’s best for both of us to say, “See ya later!”

Because I only work with those who sense an alignment, a gut (or heart) level recognition of the TRUTH of the fact that there’s more than meets the eye from my side of things too.

It’s what catapulted me from being a homeless survivor of domestic violence, stalked and threatened by a psychopath, to finding the courage to overcome, prevail, and thrive…

To being a guest (heavily disguised for my safety) on a National talk show to tell the story in the hopes other women would be spared such an experience…

Creating a new life as a “late bloomer” who found the BEST with my husband Ron when we didn’t have two cents to rub together…

Discovering an ability and gift I never knew I was capable of until I’d literally faced off with evil and lived to tell the tale…

Empowering others through my journey, and teaching hundreds of students what they can accomplish through my coaching and training programs…

Becoming a rainmaker for an array of fabulous clients, getting their message heard, their products found, changing lives for their clients, building wealth and success in the process…

Literally turning many of them into multi-millionaires by selling multiple millions of dollars of their products…

Hitting the road in my customized “mobile office,” and enjoying the freedom of working with location independence. My clients love it!  (YES, I do all the driving. My husband Ron is legally blind.)

Tina's RV

And creating our unique “World Headquarters” in Tucson, Arizona

Gratefully shared with our two rescue dogs…

Luna the Magnificent Diva

💜 2010 – 2018 💜

Lupe The Lovingly Loyal

It’s a life transformed, a calling fulfilled, and a heck of a good ride…with much more to come!

And if you’re still here (Yay!) and it’s a good fit…

I’d love to “make it rain” for you as well.

To your massive success,

Want to work me? Let’s see if it’s a good fit.

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