Hi, this is Tina Lorenz with another Marketing Minute.

Today I want to talk to you about a couple of things.

One of them is the power of words in your copy, what words you choose in promoting your product, and how that can impact the mental image and the picture that people form in their head when they’re reading the copy or listening to the copy.

And the other is, a quick idea on how you repackage and re-promote something by finding a whole other audience for something you already have and discovering there may be an entirely different segment of people.

You can promote that product you already have by just repackaging it, rebranding it, and maybe changing up the copy to fit that particular group of people.

This all started when I was running a simple errand to a big box store to buy some soap and some other miscellaneous items, including one of these.

You may have seen these. A lot of times they’re in the cosmetic department or in the women’s department, lavender, pink, you know pretty colors.

Little simple mesh balls with a loop you can hang in the shower for exfoliating when you’re taking a shower.

So, we picked up a couple of these and threw them in my basket and I went on to look for liquid shower soap for Ron.

And when I was in that department something caught my eye. Here’s the package from it.

It was called a Deck Scrubber by Old Spice.

And can you guess what was in the package?

Let me show you. It was this.

Red mesh, not in a ball, attached to a manly handle, still got the loop for the shower, still does the same thing as our girly puff ball. Only it’s specifically being marketed to men.

So not only have they changed the look and given it a nice brawny, Old Spice kind of feel to it, but they also changed the packaging, and more than that, gave it a very cool name.

Now I’m going to take a minute and I want you to read the copy.

I’m going to show you exactly what this package says, with your permission, I’m also going to read it to you, so we can kind of get the full effect.

“Deck scrubber shower tool. An experienced seaman knows the gentler sex is unlikely to board a vessel whose deck, galley and undercarriage has not been scrubbed as clean as the shiny, inside part of an oyster shell.”

“This Old Spice deck scrubber, used with Old Spice body wash”, (and by the way, that’s just a little nice cross promotion for them), “gets rid of dirt, odor and barnacles, working harder than lazy soap and lather would. Better than just your hand alone. So, start scrubbing sailors and don’t forget to wash behind your everything.”

Your everything? 😳

I don’t know about you, but there’s some pretty powerful mental images being formed specifically for their audience of men who want to smell good, be attractive, have smooth skin and quite frankly, be attractive to other people as part of their sensuality of themselves!

I thought this was a really great example of something that’s so common that almost every house has one somewhere.

Maybe it’s thrown under the sink in your cupboards or whatever, but almost everybody owns one of these or 20 of them, whatever.

And actually, a lot of men I think have already been buying them but looking for blue or purple.

Old Spice took it to the next level and created a brand-new product with brand new packaging and some very, very spicy copy that evokes such an image that most men would be actually proud to buy this thing and scrub their decks! 

I hope that you get some good ideas from this and I hope this will wake up your brain a little bit to watching what’s going on with marketing all around you as you’re out running errands, just doing your average, everyday stuff that has nothing to do directly with your work.

Think about what you’re seeing all around you on billboards, on magazine covers and any department you’re shopping in the store.

Wake up and be aware of what’s happening in marketing.

You can learn a lot from it and you can get a lot of inspiration from it.

And when you do that, and you repackage, and you cross promote, and find another audience for your product, that’s how you make even more money and that’s how you get to the big money.

I hope you found this helpful.

Until next time, this is Tina Lorenz with your Tina’s Marketing Minute.