Hi, this is Tina Lorenz. It’s been a while, but I’m ready to dig back into Marketing Minutes.

The whole point of Marketing Minutes is just that. It’s just a few minutes of your day, a few minutes out of your busy schedule.

But I’d like to be able to invite you to partake of the Marketing Minutes as I continue to create them for the TinaLorenz.com site, because I love marketing.

And I especially love marketing in the wild, meaning whenever we’re out and about or traveling, I just see things and I think, ‘This would be so interesting to discuss with other marketers’. And I find it interesting and I hope you will too.

Today we’re going to start with Vital Farms.

Vital Farms is based in Austin, Texas. They’re a company that produces butter and eggs and a few extras too that I’ll show in just a minute.

I found them by shopping at Sprouts. And with the current trend towards low carb, healthy fat, paleo diets, that type of thing, butter has come back into being acceptable and even desirable for many people in their nutrition. But it requires it to be healthy, grass fed, higher fat content, that type of thing.

I was drawn to the Vital Farms butter by this: their packaging. Now, this is actually the eggs. Let’s go find the butter right now. But I just really love clever packaging with good copy on it. You know, it draws me in because hey, I’m a marketer. Marketers appreciate marketing.

And, certainly, their butter is actually quite delicious. Let me just show you, see if I can get this to open up to a bigger picture. Oh, come on. Show us your butter. There we go.

All right, let’s look at the package. The idea with this is Vital Farms knew that there are a kind of people that like to shop at farmer’s markets, but they also understood (and I’m sure researched) that a lot of people do not have time to go to farmer’s markets on a regular basis.

It might be a special outing or maybe they don’t live in an area where there actually are farmer’s markets that are easily accessible for them.

Vital Farms wanted to create the feeling for you that you were actually shopping at a farmer’s market. To do that, they made their packaging look like a chalkboard.

As you can see, it’s a black background and they made the writing and the print and the graphics on it look like someone had written it in colored chalk, like you could erase it and write another message on there.

The beauty of this is the choice of words. This is also an example of small copy, short copy basically, brief copy, how powerful it can be and that it’s actually not easier to write than long copy.

You know, as a little aside, maybe sometimes if you’re a copywriter and you’re dealing with clients, you’ll have someone say, “Oh, you know, it’s just short. It’s just something really short, really easy”.

As if that should not be difficult for you and it should not be very expensive, right? That’s a whole other Marketing Minute!

But we who do this type of writing and marketing know that short copy’s not necessarily easier. In fact, it can be much more challenging.

Let’s see what Vital Farms did to maximize that tiny space on what’s really just a half pound butter. You know the packaging is actually quite small. And we have the cows. They’re grass fed in the USA, pasture raised. We have both sea salt and unsalted. And we have 85% butter fat.

Please note the lower right-hand corner. As I just mentioned before, there are only two quarter pound sticks of butter in this package. It’s a half pound package. But I can tell you from experience, it’s some of the most expensive butter you’re going to find in your average grocery store in the United States.

Now, you can go to a Safeway or any other well-known chain of grocery stores and pick up a pound of some kind of butter for probably $4 or $5. That’s for an entire pound, four sticks of butter.

Vital Farms butter is around $6 or $7, sometimes $8 a half a pound. You can do that math on that one. That’s about $16 a pound for butter, instead of $4 or $5. You’re paying premium prices for premium butter. That’s how they’re presenting. No apologies there.

Owning the position of being unusual and different in how they present their butter, what they do with their cows, how their cows are milked and their whole ethical base, their value base as also part of their marketing. And I bought it!

I don’t have the package here to show you right now but if you open the package, there’s also copy on the inside of the box. Very small, but again, more copy.

It’s on a kind of a brown bag looking background. Very folksy. Feels really good. Kind of feels like you’re buying butter from a little farm in Iowa where the family is churning the butter themselves every day. But that’s not the case.

If we go down the page, we’re going to see in a minute how they do this, but just take a look. They have an image of the butter and boy, does that look rich. It looks like French Vanilla ice cream. But that’s actually their butter.

They then do a little Q&A. They tell you about it. And do you love this? Alfresco butter. Well, yeah, because the cows are outside. 😎 You know. They’re out standing in their field, as they say.

But Vital Farms knows how to maximize this, how to make that picture in your head. And the language–finding those powerful words that really create that feeling. There’s a feeling about their butter.

It isn’t just yeah, it’s just looks like a good butter. It’s healthy. I’ll buy it. It generates a feeling. You actually feel kind of like you’re part of that. That you’re making a statement about yourself and your values when you buy the butter from them and their type of butter.

Let’s take a look down the page. We have a nice kind of little infographic part of the page here where it shows the cows all happy. They’re out in their field. They’re roaming. They even have the horizon in the distance. You can tell, they have plenty room. They’re not crammed together anywhere. White picket fence. I mean, it doesn’t get more Americana than that.

And then it moves into how they produce the butter. They have it separated from the raw milk and pasteurized. Small batches and you can see, “Oh, it’s a small batch!”  There’s just that little tiny bit of yellow butter in that great big machine, churning away to give you that small batch of farm raised, grass fed, butter.

And you know, I caught myself on something when I was looking at the packaging because honestly, I kind of hadn’t noticed this the first time around.

There’s a word missing on this package that you might expect to be there. Do you know what it is? Organic. It’s not organic. It’s just farm raised, free range, pasture fed.

Oh, and this is interesting. Now we’ve got non-GMO Project eggs. I didn’t see this before. A whole other link to this. Very fresh. Look at the copy up here on the page, under open skies and sunshine.

And doesn’t it just feel like that? It feels like open skies and sunshine. This is another aspect of their eggs. And here we go, they don’t have organic butter, but they DO have organic eggs.

But the butter thing’s kind of interesting because it’s almost like you assume it’s organic and it actually is not.

However, with their eggs, here’s a carton of their regular, pasture raised, eggs from the happy hens that are out in the sunshine. They’re foraging year around. Right here in the right-hand corner, the words “freedom to forage outdoors year-round.”

They’re not jammed into some awful pavilions of chickens that are in row upon row of tiny little cages laying eggs. These guys are happy. And they’re girls actually. And they’re very happy. And you know that. They tell you that. Happy hens. Ethical eggs. There’s nothing that tastes better than an ethical egg. 🤗

Let’s take a look here. Again, this is not organic. But we go down the page where I was just a minute ago. There’s their organic eggs. And look at the difference in the packaging. This is much more organic. It looks like brown paper. It looks like recycled bags. It looks like something that was ethically produced, even for the packaging for it.

We still have “girls on grass” up here in this corner. I think that’s an interesting choice of words for their branding and their marketing.

Tended by hand. Small family farms. Free to forage. These are such happy chickens. I’m telling you, you’ll wish you were a chicken when you read this package.

I think that Vital Farms is doing a great job of standing out. They’re certainly positioning themselves to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to butter and eggs, and it being very expensive.

Paleo approved. Gluten free. Certified humane. All good stuff. Believe me, I’m not making fun of this. I’m buying this product, okay?

But up here, in apparel, this is a great example also of maximizing their reach and really forming, what Russell Brunson talks about as having a culture in your business, with emphasis on the cult aspect of the CULTure.

You build a crowd, you build a crowd of devoted fans. You know, you don’t have to own every corner of the market. You want the people that are your people, people that relate to what you’re doing, they’re already on board with it.

And they become your biggest fans, like an army who refer people to your product or your service.

One of the ways you build a culture is you give people a way to emblazon it upon themselves. There’s something about what you’re doing they can wear. For example, like Click Funnels. They’ll send you a T-shirt, ConvertKit sends you a T-shirt, stickers, bumper stickers, you know, things that have to do with your business.

And people just want that stuff when you create this type of a group, an audience, a group of rabid fans that love what you have.

Here’s their Girls on Grass shirt. I thought I’d show you that. Because it’s just two little happy chickens plucking a blade of grass and the words “Girls on Grass.”

A conversation starter, definitely. They also have a shirt with their Vital Farms logo. Kind of reminds me of Coca-Cola with the red and white, but I’m sure they won’t go anywhere near that.

They even have some cute little onesies for babies. So, the whole family can be on board, even before they’re ready to eat eggs. Kind of makes you think about which came first, the chicken or the egg? 🙃

I hope you enjoyed today’s Marketing Minute, and it gave you something to think about. And if nothing else, hey, try their butter. It’s absolutely delicious.

This is Tina Lorenz, until next time.