Don't Retire Into The Shadows

There is more to life after 50.



More Joy.

But we've got work to do.

Let's rewrite your "Third Act" narrative.


In some of the most elite circles in modern business.


For those ready to overcome the limits of the old stories we tell ourselves and reimagine what their Third Act looks and feels like, working privately with Tina Lorenz can be the most exciting and consequential investment of their lives.

An investment in themselves. Their family. Their legacy.

A rewiring of the neural pathways that unlocks unprecedented levels of self-oriented success and fierce fulfillment in their most cherished roles. Consultant. Advisor. Investor. Innovator. Creator. Dare we say – influencer.

As someone who lives and breathes potential and fearlessness daily, Tina is the ultimate guiding light. She is the protector and incubator of your dreams. Awakening you to your Divine DMs, she works with you to bring your true ambition to form. For her private clients, Tina leads the co-creation of a Renegade Roadmap that paves the way for their next adventure in business and life.

She hears both what is said and unsaid, listening “between the lines” for the sparks of desire that the world’s leading talents are unknowingly ready to flame. 

With uncanny accuracy, she leans into the most fulfilling, rewarding, and empowering opportunities for her clients to experience the richness of life in a way that is most meaningful to them.

With her guidance, Tina’s clients find their hearts opening to their true calling, finally recognizing and embracing their greatest visions as their dreams.

Tina summons forth courage, clarity, and commitment in an almost magical way, so those brave enough to show up in all their brilliance can truly create their lasting legacy from a place of love and inspiration.

Reorienting the realms of possibility.

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Granting permission to lean into unshakable confidence.

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Discovering hidden catalysts of explosive profitability.

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Designing lives of joyful celebration.

 The exceptional individuals with whom Tina Lorenz cocreates are “renegades.”

 They simply won’t settle for the ordinary.

They are dynamic leaders and influencers…cut from a different cloth than most…unwilling to disappear into the shadows or surrender to the illusions of success perpetuated by shiny objects and soul-sucking social media plans.

They are the most prolific experts, executives, business owners, and thought leaders. They have multiple decades of experience. Leading. Innovating. Inspiring. Likes, followers, and algorithms have nothing on their untaintable excellence.

When you have gotten your fill of the accolades. The wealth. The status.

There comes a time.

When the depths of your lived experiences and acquired wisdom need to be realigned with your wishes.

A time for you to embrace your power and show the up-and-comers that you refuse to sit back and “relax.”

Sure, you will sit in your garden – as you reflect on what is possible when you place the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor on the front end of life. Frosty drinks on the beach – sounds like a great way to celebrate your wins as you change the game and build your legacy. 

Tina knows a thing or two about an anti-retirement lifestyle. She founded her 7-figure copywriting business with zero experience in copywriting – after age 50. 20 years later, her copywriting courses and training continue to change lives for clients, and build wealth for Tina, while supporting a lifestyle she loves.

“I’ve watched Tina’s career for several years now with head-shaking awe and appreciation. She rocketed from obscurity to top status as a freelancer, in record time. This woman knows what’s up.” - John Carlton

The best kept secret

In business, legacy, and life planning

Tina has no tolerance for being tied down by her business. She is more likely to be behind the wheel of her mobile office than behind a desk. This is what a well-lived Renegade life looks like for her.

And this is exactly what Tina uncovers for her private clients.

What does the good life look like to you?

What if you could...

Rewrite the old stories you have told yourself. 

Annihilate self-limiting beliefs and barriers.

Embrace your true identity with a certainty that enchants the naysayers. 

Tina recognizes her fellow Renegades immediately…because she IS one as well…

She is the Millionaire Mindset Shifter
The Lucrative Marketing Strategist
The Emissary of Transcendent Transformation
The Elevated Legacy Builder

It’s time to redefine retirement as a springboard to the future, rather than a fading glimpse of what came before.

Tina Lorenz is doing just that.

This. Is the changing of the guards



There’s a revolution with all the potential for the most positive outcomes brewing. And it involves the demographic called Baby Boomers.

 Typically, that’s those of us on the far side of 50 and above. We are a battalion armed with talent, expertise, wisdom, and a deep reservoir of dedication to service that is part of our collective DNA.

But limiting identifiers don’t sit well with Renegades. So this is very much

“We, The Boomers”…and beyond.


starts with us.

When we step into our most financially and personally rewarding life, we are modeling behavior that will positively impact the lives of multiple generations within our families and communities.


And this is a special time.

We are on the precipice of creating a more prosperous new normal for all.

Unlike our parents, who may have coveted their retirement from working as the ultimate reward, we are a cohort of unique individuals who bring both literal and intellectual wealth to the table, along with the creativity and flexibility to blaze new trails.

We’re the top 1%, the cream of the crop, who would rather embrace a new dimension of business than fritter away our lives on endless leisure.

But that doesn’t mean lining up to apply for another job in a corporate culture with a wet behind-the-ears boss dictating your lifestyle or staying stuck in a rut of sameness for several more decades.

We want our freedom, to express fully who we are, on our terms. We know our age is an advantage, not a liability.

We have the adaptability to translate the lessons we’ve learned over decades of experience, into new and innovative products or services.

We lead with integrity.
We speak with authority.

We are focused on serving and achieving powerful outcomes. And best of all, we bring our authentic selves to the process.

You may also feel you want to give back. But this isn’t just about altruism.

This is about creating

phenominal success at an elevated level

In a way that also serves you in the best way possible.

This is about not settling for boredom, extended happy hours, and naps.

It’s about staying relevant.

It’s about reimagining what “retirement” looks like.

Perhaps completely

jettisoning the concept of retirement

It’s about being able to balance your professional and personal life into an ideal blend. It’s about owning your value and creating luxury level fee structures that build wealth.


It’s about doing what YOU want to do, without apology or guilt.


Want to travel? Do it.


Want to create a successful business too? Absolutely achievable.


Been anchored to a multi-million-dollar business you’ve built over decades, and now want to do something more meaningful to you personally? It’s time.


If you’re successful, financially secure, and ready to create, there will be a way, and Tina will help you clarify exactly what that path looks like.


Now more than ever, time is of the essence. Don’t squander it by ignoring your calling or settling for less. Join the Renegade Boomer Revolution and redefine what this pivotal time of your life looks like in a way that works for YOU and creates the legacy you desire.


What you will find with Tina, is an expansiveness of vision you won’t find anywhere else.


Tina only works with a very select few by application and personal invitation.


Will you be one of them?

“My experience working with Tina Lorenz in a private coaching program was life altering for me. My time working closely with her remains one of the most significant and beneficial experiences in my last 30 years of doing business.
– Troy Steine



Coming Soon

If you’re looking for inspiration and proof of possibility, the illuminating and pioneering conversations on The Renegade Boomer Podcast are built to suit.

This could be the perfect time for you to plant your flag and make a stand, and The Renegade Boomer podcast will arm you with all of the inspiration you need to make it happen!

Tina’s role as the host of The Renegade Boomer Podcast is one dear to her heart. She knows all about that “too late” feeling, calling herself a classic late bloomer. 

Remember, she didn’t figure this all out until she was already past 50, jumping into action at the point when many folks were already retiring. She went on to crack multiple six figures her very first year online – and it quickly multiplied from there!

Tina has many stories to tell – and she is bringing her favorite Renegade Boomers along with her to tell theirs as well!

On The Renegade Boomer Podcast, Tina interviews experienced “Boomer” experts, founders, and entrepreneurs who all have one thing in common:

Their belief that it’s never too late to achieve whatever you desire and create opportunities for leadership and impact that are strengthened by your years of experience, overcoming, and creating.


Think you’d be a perfect podcast guest? Email Tina’s team at

What do you get when you put the most prolific grandmother in business and the inspirator of the anti-retirement movement behind the wheel of her mobile office?



Coming in 2023

Tina's Story

Tina Lorenz is an unlikely success story: a purple haired grandmother who created a 7-figure business with no previous experience when she was already past 50. She transforms lives, opens doors to the future, and turns dreams into reality.

As The Renegade Boomer, Tina is allying with the world’s most intellectual and innovative entrepreneurs, founders, and brands to redefine the ramp up to, and revving down of, retirement.

Well known for her potent “mindset shifting” strategies to retrain the brain and magnetize money, Tina is the perfect catalyst for an anti-retirement movement that will revitalize and enrich lives and legacies.

On her own since 17, a domestic violence incident in her 40’s left Tina and her two children homeless – and nearly took her life. Being stalked for years, and with all the odds stacked against her, Tina stood strong – determined to find a path forward for her family. It didn’t take long for Tina to bring her first grand slam to life. 

Tina turned a simple stumbling upon of an article about copywriting into an internal proclamation of success that came to fruition in no time. Despite never having heard of copywriting, having never been paid to write anything in her life and having no degree or training, Tina’s copywriting generated over 4 million dollars in sales within 30-days.

Today, as The Renegade Boomer, Tina privately advises empire builders who have already experienced personal success, but deeply desire to create the fulfilling and impactful next chapter of their lives.

The Queen Of Copy

“She’s the “Queen of Copy” – and she’s awesome.”
– Frank Kern

Tina Lorenz deeply understands the “later in life” emergence of your highest-level calling because it is exactly what she has experienced. She was already past 50 when she discovered the previously unknown world of copywriting and made the decision that this was her destiny.

It may surprise you to know that Tina didn’t even know what copywriting was until she read an article about it! Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what it is too.

 For starters, it is the most valuable and essential marketing skill you can acquire – because it is the foundation for everything you will do in your business.

 Copywriting is the process of writing words that attract, persuade, educate, engage, and empower every aspect of selling a product, concept, or idea.

When she made her life-changing decision to pursue copywriting, Tina Lorenz was a complete unknown. But it didn’t take long for her to blaze a trail that captured the hearts and attention of her future clients.

Tina generated over four million dollars in sales, with a million-dollar profit in just 30-days, for one of her very first clients.

“Our initial response from the marketing letter you wrote for us has been fabulous! We are shocked and thrilled at the unprecedented results. Your 2-page letter has raked in FOUR million dollars with close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS pure profit in a little over 30-days! We are overwhelmed! Thanks for the brilliant job!” - Mark Siedler

And that was just the beginning.

TIna’s role as the “invisible force” behind seven and eight-figure launches and product sales propelled her to become one of the most successful women in online copywriting and marketing strategy.

From this phenomenal beginning, Tina developed her powerful copywriting programs. Tina’s tried and tested methods are rooted in good old-fashioned relationships and revenue-building messaging. Her education, training, and certification programs have stood the test of time, coming of age well before digital marketing changed everything – and they have stood strong ever since.

Those fortunate enough to learn Tina’s copywriting methods are able to maximize effectiveness and profitability with smart copy built on a rock-solid foundation of effective writing strategies.

Tina knows a thing or two about building a business that leaves space for living life. She continues to lead her copywriting business, even as she champions The Renegade Boomer anti-retirement movement and is deeply invested in the success of her private clients. 

Tina’s copywriting programs teach timeless copywriting and mindset mastery methods that transform the lives, businesses, and realms of possibility for her students.

Her words are written and spoken with care. They build trust and relationships. Following her copywriting methods and business methodology has the potential to make you six figures a year and beyond, all the way to multiple millions.

Working directly with Tina is available only for private Renegade Boomer clients - but you can learn these exact methods and strategies with her Accelerated Entrepreneur program.

speaking and media

Let's make some nouse.

Tina Lorenz is recognized as the global thought leader for the anti-retirement movement. Now is the perfect time to leverage the power of Renegade Boomer wisdom, experience, and inspiration. No more marginalization or sitting silently in the shadows. The world needs us to make some noise!

Tina is the leading revolutionary voice for non-retiring / semi-retiring 50+ professionals. She is an extremely inspirational speaker with a broad appeal, helping professionals “Overcome ‘Old’ Stories” and “Trust Their Divine DM’s” with life-changing significance. 

Tina is available for interviews and speaking engagements and has a variety of workshop topics as well – more information can be found in The Renegade Boomer Speaker Kit, available from Tina’s team. 

For founders, experts, and entrepreneurs who have already enjoyed tremendous success in their careers, there is often a second chapter waiting in the wings…

…It may be emerging as a feeling that there’s more to this phase of life than sipping margaritas on the beach or puttering in the garden.


In fact, this is often the time to step into the light of your brilliant expertise in an entirely new and exciting way.


Whether you want to leverage your experience into a profoundly impactful new dimension of service or launch something completely new, this is YOUR time.


Whatever form that takes for you, it’s time to maximize your visibility, notability, and profitability so you can create the best of your life.


Perhaps until now, it has been held close to your heart as a secret passion project.


Or maybe you’ve been feeling the pull to creating more impact and meaning with your considerable talents and expertise but haven’t known quite how to fan that spark into the gratifying flame of personal fulfillment.


All that can change in just 30-days by working directly with Tina.


Each client journey begins with the bespoke Velocity Intensive.


The Velocity Intensive is a personal 30-day exploration into your deepest dreams and desires, peeling back the layers of your newly emerging purpose and opportunities.


This is the agility decade, a time where moving slowly is not an option if you truly wish to prevail and bring your concept to life.


To be clear, you will not be given a lengthy and confusing laundry list of good ideas. You’ll be given a handful of AMAZING strategies aligned with YOUR goals and desires.


You won’t conclude our time together with a legal pad full of overwhelming notes and vague concepts. You’ll have major-specific strategic moves ready to implement to take you to the next level.


Following the 30 days, you’ll have breathtaking clarity for the next chapter of your life, as well as an inspired roadmap to success with options for implementation, including the potential to continue mentoring with Tina.


It is the ultimate gift to yourself to be accepted into Tina’s transformative inner circle of clients.


Tina works privately with a select group of successful entrepreneurs, founders, and experts to elevate their businesses and commitment to their personal evolution.


Those who are ready to reimagine their retirement and create an entirely new and impactful future. Those excited to experience a revolutionary renewal that extends far beyond the obvious benefits of smart business tactics and strategies.


However, while many seek her out, she accepts no more than 4 new clients each month. To be considered to work with Tina, please complete the form below:


Join the waitlist to work with Tina Lorenz privately for 1:1 mentoring.


Team Tina

The ultimate Renegade Boomer, Tina leads multiple businesses that bring her joy and make an impact on her clients. 

To learn more about Tina’s copywriting programs check out her free webinar.

For press, media, speaking or event inquiries, please contact Tina’s representatives at Icons, Incorporated at

To follow Tina’s journey and get inspired to go all Renegade follow Tina on YouTube!