Quantum Copywriting™

Converging Innovation and Imagination

Quantum Copywriting™

Converging Innovation and Imagination

Quantum Copywriting™

Converging Innovation and Imagination

Get ready to leap into a new era of marketing​

This is the turning point. The future doesn’t just demand adaptation, it calls for anticipation.

Quantum Copywriting™ is all about obliterating traditional boundaries. We  tap into powerful, unseen forces that are reshaping the landscape of communication and marketing.

Navigating the Quantum Copywriting™ Landscape

You won’t be sidelined by these unseen forces…instead, those who tap into them will surge ahead. And that’s where I step in.

Revolutionizing & Reshaping Entire Industries

By collaborating with me, you’ll be leaping ahead of the curve, harnessing unseen forces that are revolutionizing the way we communicate and market.

This won’t just position you at the forefront of innovation; it will catapult you and your business into a new universe of possibilities, cementing your place as a transformational innovator with unprecedented impact. 

Here’s What Myron Golden says About Tina Lorenz…

There are several different ways I work with my clients.

But no matter what path we may explore together, the very first step for anyone interested in working with me is this…

➢ Initiation:
Rapid Resonance Review

Our journey starts with a complimentary, 30-minute get-acquainted Zoom call.

I’ll take a closer look at your business, uncover potential gaps in your marketing, and give you an idea of how much more effective your marketing could be.

I value your time and mine, so to make sure we’re a good fit, I ask you to complete an application form before the call. It ensures that we both come prepared and ready to take action.

Still here? Fantastic. Filling out the application form is the first step.

Now, you may be ready to jump in, but not quite sure where to land. Or I might need more details to tailor the ideal marketing strategy for you. That’s where “Illumination” comes in.

➢ Illumination:
One Powerful Hour of Consulting

“Illumination” is a deep dive into your business. Ask me anything related to your website, marketing, product launches, email campaigns, or any other business-related topics.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You complete your application, requesting an “Illumination” session.
  2. Once accepted, you’ll receive an email with potential times for our call and an invitation to send your questions in advance.
  3. We hop on a Zoom call and I answer your questions and provide actionable advice. You can ask any new questions that arise during the call.
  4. After the call, I’ll send you the recording so you can review our conversation at your leisure.

Think of this as your LED lantern, illuminating the path for your business in an exciting new landscape. Ready to light the way? Let’s hit the trail together.

Each “Illumination” session is a significant investment in your business, payable in advance.

If you are truly committed to growth and transformation, consider this:

After almost two decades of consulting experience, I can guarantee you’ll conclude  your consultation with a multitude of enlightening realizations about the untapped potential for profitability within your business.

Just one novel insight could yield a several fold return on your investment.

This session is also a fitting first step considering the level of investment you’ll be committing to should we continue our partnership.

Bear in mind, you’ll receive a recording of the entire call that includes explicit strategies you can apply instantly.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may acquire suggestions for precise phrasing in your copy, headline recommendations, email sequence structures, product launch strategies and more.

The choice is in your hands. I never resort to coercing, convincing, or pressuring anyone into collaborating with me. It’s counterproductive and doesn’t cultivate the kind of mutually beneficial energy required for us to work together.

Moreover, as I’m fully engrossed with clients who have already infested in their business growth, i inly reserve time for those who are highly driven and acknowledge the worth of what they’re receiving. 

If that’s aligns with your philosophy, fantastic!

I look forward to receiving your completed application form.

Now, let’s continue charting your path to success. Welcome to…

Quantum Copy Customization

This is where leap forward, using Quantum Copywriting to forge a path of transformation and innovation for you and your business.

Well work together to:

This means diving deep and creating a comprehensive, interconnected web of copy and content. Note: this is a full-course meal, not an à la carte menu.

Yes, there have been a few exceptions to this rule. Think industry leaders like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, and Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Clients like this have brought me in for single-element projects because they already had a well-oiled marketing machine. However, these instances are rare.

If you’re looking for an e-book here or a postcard and three emails there, there are plenty of copywriters ready to serve you. But that’s not how I operate.

I’m here for those ready to implement a full spectrum of marketing strategies.

This could include
(but isn’t limited to):

If you’re looking for an e-book here or a postcard and three emails there, there are plenty of copywriters ready to serve you. But that’s not how I operate.

I’m here for those ready to implement a full spectrum of marketing strategies.

This could include (but isn’t limited to):

Fees are quoted based on the projects scope and payable in advance to reserve my time.

How much? We’ll need to talk to pin that down, but here’s a hint:

If youre after Lamborghini impact at Smart Car prices, Im not your person.

What you’re investing in is transformational marketing that generates results. Just ONE brilliant strategy can pay dividends:

So, what would results like these be worth to you?

The saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Consider this as you weigh the value of our potential partnership.

I seldom endorse other copywriters because I don’t want to feel responsible if they blow up your project. But I feel safe in recommending Tina. She won’t do that.

She knows how to achieve exceptional results on virtually any assignment you can throw at her because she faithfully applies proven principles of great salesmanship in everything she writes and markets.

Unlike some writers who come to your project with an entourage of preset notions and a bag of shopworn approaches, Tina starts by listening to you. What a concept!

She listens to you with keen intensity, like a hunter silently tracking clues. She listens to what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, who your best prospects are, how to reach them, what they want most, and what kind of offer it will take to get them to respond with urgency and in high numbers.

Once she has a crystal-clear picture of your market, your message, and your best media, she’ll put the whole marketing package together for you with a pretty bow on top.

What I admire most is that she writes lively, friendly, seemingly effortless copy as if she’s lived in your prospect’s shoes for her whole life.

She knows how to talk to the heart of your readers’ emotions and wants, taking your prospect by the hand and not letting go from opening headline to a compelling call to action.

This is why her open rates and even more important her conversions are so high.

You may have to wait for her, because she’s in high demand as both a writer and teacher who shows others the ropes of how to write and market for high results.

But when the teacher herself is available, she’s the one you want.

If I were in your shoes, uncertain whom to trust with an important assignment, I’d definitely give her a call.”

Picture of Gary Bencivenga

Gary Bencivenga

Owner, Accountable Advertising

Maybe by now you’re feeling inspired, energized, and eager for more.

You’re ready for…

LEAP™ (Leveraged Exponential action Protocol)

This is an impactful and unique way we can work together, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your business and marketing strategy.

Here’s how it works:

Investing in “Intensification” is a commitment  – but one that can yield impressive returns. This one-day deep dive has been known to revive struggling businesses, rekindling their entrepreneurial spirit.

The return on your investment could be transformative, potentially saving your business and setting you on the path to new heights.

Ready to take the LEAP?

Here’s just one example of the amazing results that can happen…

We had almost missed the boat on modernizing our marketing. We were on a one-way trip to business oblivion! ☹  We approached Tina for her help just in the nick of time.

Tina spent days analyzing our industry, our company and our marketing initiatives.  She applied her prodigious experience and her strategies to the results of her research and met us for our first session of “tough love.” We needed to overhaul the majority of our marketing initiatives, and Tina showed us exactly how to do it.

We ended our first two-day Marketing Intensive session with wide eyes and a specific, step-by-step marketing blueprint. The real work had begun. But, with her encouragement and input, we began ticking the items off the list, implementing Tina’s strategies. As we did so, our brand and our sales reversed course … they both began to grow and grow strongly!  

Since those initial days of triage several years’ ago, we have continued to work closely with Tina on new initiatives at both domestic and international levels. And it gets even better because Tina is a supremely talented copywriter – answering customers’ questions before they know to ask, and responding to customers’ emotional wants they don’t even know they have. Her methods are powerful and effective!  

Tina also brings an amazing intuitive aspect to her strategies that multiplies their effectiveness.  She is passionate about marketing, zeroing in on what makes people “tick” and seamlessly aligning our company’s approach and messaging to truly resonate with our customers.

We build portable sawmills. In the hands of our customers, our sawmills build dreams.

With Tina’s guidance, and the connection we have built with our customers, our sawmills are helping thousands more owners build their dreams. In the process, we have built Norwood into one of the global leaders in our industry. It is a process of legacy.

I know Tina is very selective about whom she accepts as clients. But if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.

Tina will give you incredible insight and clarity about what essential pieces are missing from your marketing, the solutions, and a powerful advantage in your business at multiple levels.”

Picture of Ashlynne V. Dale

Ashlynne V. Dale

President, Norwood Sawmills

Its not surprising that after Norwoods Marketing Intensive, we moved into the ultimate level of working together

➢ Inception:
Elite Consulting

This represents the pinnacle of my personalized consulting services, designed for committed individual entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and larger corporations.

Engaging at this level is a significant investment at the minimum of six-figures. It is a commitment suited for those who value clear communication, collaborative thinking, and robust implementation.

This premium level of access to my expertise and the dynamic strategies tailored specifically to your circumstances can transform your business trajectory in spectacular ways.

Just consider the Norwood Sawmills example—the value derived was transformative, making this one of the smartest investments you could potentially make.

Please note, I only accept a select few clients each year at this level. By the time you reach out, my calendar may already be full.


Because my clients tend to stick around – we consistently amplify their business growth and bottom-line year after year!

However, as we all know, life is unpredictable. Occasionally, a space may open up sooner than anticipated. So even if my schedule appears fully booked, I encourage you to be on my waiting list.

If “Inception” Elite Consulting sparks your interest, feel free to reach out to me directly to explore this possibility.

Regardless of the engagement level you’re considering, your first step is to fill out this form.

Here’s what one of my international clients had to say about working with me:

Trust Tina. Sign up to anything she is offering. Here you have the very best copywriter in your reach. I’m telling you now – don’t hesitate, just do it.

You have absolutely no idea how valuable this lady is. She’s a genius and you undoubtedly need her. 

Otherwise you’re going sailing without a rudder. You could end up anywhere – and you’ll definitely end up nowhere. So, make Tina the single most important person in your business. And she’ll be there for you without a doubt. So, do it.”

Adrienne Goodeve, New Zealand

Well, you heard it from Adrienne! So why wait?

Take The Quantum Copywriting™ Leap Forward

Choosing to work with me isn’t just a decision to hire a copywriter.

It’s a decision to elevate your business, embrace being extraordinary, and ensure your voice resonates powerfully with your audience.

It’s about creating a lasting impact and seeing your vision come to life.

If you’re ready for this transformative journey, don’t hesitate. As Adrienne said, “just do it.”  Fill out the application form and take the first step towards the next level of success for your business.

I can’t wait to explore the possibilities with you.

To taking your inspired quantum leap,