A product created by a woman for women entrepreneurs, Sensual Entrepreneur enjoys continuing popularity and success. Bullet points “done right” can be an effective tipping point and catalyst in your copy. These plucked from the offer of a sales letter I wrote for Tara will give you a front row seat to exactly how powerful they can be.


Frank Kern asked me to write the evergreen version of the sales letter for his phenomenally successful Mass Control program. I even did a strategy breakdown for it in his Mass Control Monthly membership. If you’re a skimmer, notice how the headline and subheads flow and still tell an intriguing story. Take a peek at how it all began…


OK, so what the heck is it anyway? It’s all about collaborative thinking and creating effective decision-making teams. And Jerry McNellis is the man! He’s also the guy who phoned me to say he had been trying for 30-years to put what he does with such expertise, into words his potential clients could easily understand. This is how I did it…


I met the founder Chris Payne at Gary Bencivenga’s event, The Bencivenga 100. Chris asked me if I could make a difference for his personal development program. The result? The sales letter I wrote for him has been working full tilt for more than a decade, even through various changes in business structure. Now that’s what you call evergreen!


Can you say financial investing software with starry-eyed enthusiasm? Can I say it without breaking into a cold sweat? This product wasn’t exactly in my “can’t wait to write it!” wheelhouse—but again, my AMP® method did the job! This is how I quickly absorbed the complex “golden ratios” of Fibonacci spirals, understood how the sequences related to a particular style of financial investing and turned it all into a killer sales letter that ran for years until the company was sold. Behold a financial copy sample!


Yep, portable sawmills. SO not a digital product. But guess what? The marketing strategies used for everything from internet marketing to supplements works like a charm for physical products too. Even big, brawny, testosterone inducing ones for sawing through logs! Take a look at how I took Norwood Sawmills from being “invisible” online and on the verge of disappearing into the ethers…to consistently dominating their market both online and offline.


How about a little direct mail for a change of pace? And how about focusing it to high-dollar CEO’s who also happen to be predominantly male Evangelical Christians? And how about a woman who isn’t either of those things writing it? How did I do it? I unleashed my proprietary AMP® system to create a “brain meld”, morphed into their mindset, extracted solid gold, wove it all together with invisible threads, and snuggled their prospects into it. This was literally “from their mouths to almost God’s ears” via their marketing brochure. Here’s how it all came together…

Want to work with me? Let’s see if it’s a good fit.

“Tina, your copy has an amazing ability to immediately capture the reader’s attention and never let go.  You’ve figured out how to get to the “sell” while building a relationship with the reader.  Plus, you’re one of the most enjoyable writers I’ve had the honor to work with!  Working with you is a win-win every time.”  

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