Tina Lorenz has no tolerance for being tied down by her business. She is more likely to be behind the wheel of her big rig than a desk. That is one aspect of what the good life looks like for her.

And this is precisely what Tina uncovers for her private clients.

What does the good life look like for you?

When you have gotten your fill of the accolades

The wealth. The status.

There comes a time when the depths of your lived experiences and acquired wisdom need to be realigned with your wishes.

A time for you to embrace your power and create the best of your life for the rest of your life.

Sure, you will sit in your garden – as you reflect on what is possible when you place the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor on the front end of life. Frosty drinks on the beach – sounds like a great way to celebrate your wins as you change the game and build your legacy.

Tina knows a thing or two about an elevated lifestyle. She founded her 7-figure copywriting business with zero experience in copywriting – after age 50. Two decades later, her copywriting courses and training continue to change lives for clients, and build wealth for Tina, while supporting a lifestyle she loves.

“I’ve watched Tina’s career for several years now with head-shaking awe and appreciation. She rocketed from obscurity to top status as a freelancer, in record time. This woman knows what’s up.” 

John Carlton

What if you could...

Rewrite the old stories you have told yourself and master your new normal.

Annihilate self-limiting beliefs and barriers and enjoy a next level life.

Embrace your true identity with a certainty that enchants the naysayers.

Tina recognizes her fellow Sherpas immediately because she IS one as well

It’s time to take a quantum leap into your purpose, rather than dimming your light for anyone. 

Tina Lorenz is doing just that.


For those ready to overcome the limits of the old stories we tell ourselves and vividly envision what their quantum leap looks and feels like, working privately with Tina Lorenz can be the most exciting and consequential investment of their lives.

An investment in themselves.

Their family. Their legacy.

A rewiring of the neural pathways that unlocks unprecedented levels of self-oriented success and fierce fulfillment in their most cherished roles.






As someone who lives and breathes potential and fearlessness daily, Tina is the ultimate guiding light. She is the protector and incubator of your dreams. Awakening you to your Divine DMs, she works with you to bring your true ambition to form.

For her private clients, Tina leads the co-creation of Quantum Mastery Blueprints, her 6-part framework for making transformational shifts in business and life.

She hears both what is said and unsaid, listening “between the lines” for the sparks of desire that the world’s leading talents are unknowingly ready to flame.

With uncanny accuracy, she leans into the most fulfilling, rewarding, and empowering opportunities for her clients to experience the richness of life in a way that is most meaningful to them.

With her guidance, Tina’s clients find their hearts opening to their true calling, finally recognizing and embracing their greatest visions as their dreams.

Tina summons forth courage, clarity, and commitment in an almost magical way

So those brave enough to show up in all their brilliance can finally create their true and lasting legacy from a place of love and inspiration.

For founders, experts, and entrepreneurs who have already enjoyed tremendous success in their careers, there is often a second chapter waiting in the wings.

It may be emerging as a feeling that there’s more you’re meant to bring to life for greater impact and fulfillment.

In fact, this is often the time to step into the light of your brilliant expertise in an entirely new and exciting way.

Maybe you want to leverage your experience into a profoundly impactful new dimension of service or launch something completely new. Possibly you have an inner knowing that you were meant for something more. But you are not sure what. This, is YOUR time.

Whatever form that takes for you, it’s time to maximize your visibility, notability, and profitability so you can create the best of your life.

Perhaps until now, it has been held close to your heart as a secret passion project. Or an expansion of your craft in an unchartered direction.

Maybe you’ve been feeling the pull to create more impact and meaning with your considerable talents and expertise but haven’t known quite how to fan that spark into the gratifying flame of personal fulfillment.

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Everything can change in just 30-days by working directly with Tina



Each client journey begins with a bespoke Velocity Intensive.

The Velocity Intensive is a personal 30-day exploration into your deepest dreams and desires, peeling back the layers of your newly emerging purpose and opportunities.

This is the agility decade, a time where moving slowly is not an option if you truly wish to prevail and bring your concept to life.

To be clear, you will not be given a lengthy and confusing laundry list of good ideas. You’ll be given a handful of AMAZING strategies aligned with YOUR goals and desires. The keys to your most expansive, inspiring, and intrinsically rewarding chapter yet.

You won’t conclude our time together with a legal pad full of overwhelming notes and vague concepts. You’ll have your Quantum Mastery Blueprint™, a 6-part comprehensive and transformative plan designed specifically for you, to take you to the next level.

Following the 30 days, you’ll have breathtaking clarity for the next chapter of your life, as well as an inspired blueprint for success with options for implementation, including the potential to continue mentoring with Tina.

It is the ultimate gift to yourself to be accepted into Tina’s transformative inner circle of clients.

Are you ready to reimagine the best of your life and create an entirely new and impactful future?

Excited to experience a revolutionary renewal that extends far beyond the obvious benefits of smart business tactics and strategies?

While many seek her out, Tina accepts no more than 4 new Velocity Intensive clients each month. To be considered to work with Tina, please complete the form below: