Mind Movies

Bottom Line: $1.5 Million in Just 7-Days

Mind Movies has become a phenomenally successful business, raking in multiple-millions of dollars in revenue.

But everybody has to start somewhere, and I was there for them from the beginning.

I’ll let them tell their own story, in two videos with Frank Kern, Natalie Ledwell and Glenn Ledwell.

But first, a few points you may find interesting…

Mind Movies was heavily dependent on an army of affiliates promoting for them.

Their affiliates consisted of both internet marketers like Frank Kern, and personal development gurus like John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, and Joe Vitale.

That meant every email, every video, and every element of launch copy had to speak to BOTH markets. As you may imagine, this was challenging in itself!

Why? Because the language, mindset, and motivation for these two diverse niche markets is vastly different.

However, by tapping into triggers for each of these segments, I was able to create extremely successful email sequences for each side of the equation.

One side for internet marketers, the other for personal development.

But here’s the thing…

I wrote ONE sales page for both of these markets to funnel into.

Most would say this simply wouldn’t work. But they’d be wrong.

With strategic copy and an artful weaving of promise and solution, the sales message resonated with BOTH audiences.

Here are a few highlights of how well this strategy worked:

  • 37% to 50% Click Thru Rates…
  • 50% to 80% Opt-in Rates…
  • Majority of their experienced affiliates used the swipe copy with NO changes…
  • 35% conversion from the sales letter…

Yep. It worked. Want to hear more?

Get the rest of the story right here…

Mind Movies Case Study Part 1: Frank talks Tina.

Mind Movies Case Study Part 2: The Rest of the Story

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