Bottom Line: Tough Love Saves the Day!

Norwood Sawmills is a prime example of what can happen when you’re willing to implement and take action.

Working with clients at this level is fun and rewarding for BOTH of us!

When I join forces with clients like this, the creativity reaches new heights, for both your online and offline strategies.

For starters, the strategy of rendering your marketing so valuable, nobody will throw it away is embodied by this 156-page stunner:

“The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills” was created as an enticing opt-in.

This snappy little video will take you on a brief tour of the book pages.

NOTE: This is a strenuously edited version of the full-length video script I wrote for Norwood.

And while we’re at it, how about some bullet point samples?

Here you go…

Ready for more? Let’s keep going…

Another example of marketing magic, is my recommendation for a new “face” for Norwood. And wow, has he ever become famous!

He’s kind of a big guy, solid as they come, but more of the strong, silent type.

Meet Lumber Jack!

Jack’s a handsome dude with a multitude of looks, depending on the marketing message, where in the world his prospects are located, and even what time of year it is!

Just to be clear, I do NOT do the amazing art work or graphic design.

I create the overarching idea for the concept including what he should look like, naming him, recommending areas he should appear, strategizing what he should be doing or saying, weaving his persona into the marketing components, and approving the final designs.

You might say he’s developed an inflated ego from so much attention! But he’s still loveable all the same.

But that’s not all! In addition to opt-in incentives, email sequences, web copy, video scripts, launch strategies and more, here’s a quick look at an array of direct mail collaterals I’ve created for Norwood.

In fact, rabid fans of Norwood Sawmills actually want to keep their direct mail promotions, because (spoiler alert!) the clever foldable promo unfurls to a “pin up” of the brawny HD36 Portable Sawmill.

Let me explain…

For this example, the direct mail piece opens panel by panel, with a flow of copy that quite literally has to make sense no matter how you look at it.

That one aspect alone is practically like solving a Rubik’s cube for the “not a puzzle person” part of my brain to wrestle with.

But that’s OK. The “definitely a marketing maniac” part of my brain, and smart strategy prevail.


The direct mail promo opens and reads as smoothly as a warm knife slides through butter.

This will give you the general idea…

It starts like this, nice and tidy…

You open your mailbox, and THIS 

 is waiting for you.

Even if you’ve never as much as sawed a leg off a holiday turkey, pretend for a moment YOU are a sawmill person.

Your eyes light up as you reach in to scoop it up. You hold it for a moment in delighted expectation, turning the shimmering square this way and that.

Finally, you carefully break the seal and open it.

And when you do, you see…


By the way…how amazing is it when your subscribers actually look forward to your promotions, so they can throw money at you? SUPER amazing.

But back to getting in touch with YOUR inner Lumber Jack…

Your excitement is surging to the surface. You continue carefully unfolding the treasure in your hands, looking for another rush of sawmill love.

Oh yeah, and you get it too!

Keep going…bathe yourself in sawmill bliss!

It just keeps getting BIGGER and better…the anticipation is almost unbearable!

Until you finally achieve your drool-worthy reward…

The glossy pinnacle of sawmills, The HD36 in all its brawny glory, with a place for YOUR smiling face (the sawmill version of future pacing), and of course a call to action!

And this puppy is definitely getting plastered on shop walls all around the world! Yeah, it’s a “sawyer” thing. Kinda like Harley people only for sawmills.

When you’re intimately acquainted with your ideal prospect, and know what trips their trigger, that’s how good a direct mail piece can feel. 

Because your marketing should be SO much more than words scattered on a page.

When it’s done right, it’s more than meets the eye. There’s an invisible structure and energy infused in every nuanced phrase. It makes you FEEL something.

Depending on the product, it might make you happy, scared, hopeful, eager, or excited.

There’s no end to the possibilities. It’s deeply visceral, and not necessarily logical.

But there’s one common outcome. Your prospect is compelled to take ACTION.

And along with impressively high-quality products, that’s what keeps Norwood sawmills selling like hotcakes all around the world.

Again, this is just a “quick glimpse” of what’s possible for your marketing.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or in this case, the sawdust.

Meet the President of Norwood Sawmills…

  “We had almost missed the boat on modernizing our marketing. We were on a one-way trip to business oblivion!  We approached Tina for her help just in the nick of time.

 Tina spent days analyzing our industry, our company and our marketing initiatives.  She applied her prodigious experience and AMP™ method strategies to the results of her research and met us for our first session of “tough love.”

We needed to overhaul the majority of our marketing initiatives, and Tina showed us exactly how to do it.

We ended our first two-day Marketing Intensive session with wide eyes and a specific, step-by-step marketing blueprint. The real work had begun. But, with her encouragement and input, we began ticking the items off the list, implementing Tina’s strategies. As we did so, our brand and our sales reversed course … they both began to grow, and grow strongly!  

Since those initial days of triage several years’ ago, we have continued to work closely with Tina on new initiatives at both domestic and international levels. And it gets even better because Tina is a supremely talented copywriter – answering customers’ questions before they know to ask, and responding to customers’ emotional wants they don’t even know they have. Her methods are powerful and effective!

 Tina also brings an amazing intuitive aspect to her strategies that multiplies their effectiveness.  She is passionate about marketing, zeroing in on what makes people “tick” and seamlessly aligning our company’s approach and messaging to truly resonate with our customers.

We build portable sawmills. In the hands of our customers, our sawmills build dreams.

With Tina’s guidance, and the connection we have built with our customers, our sawmills are helping thousands more owners build their dreams. In the process, we have built Norwood into one of the global leaders in our industry. It is a process of legacy.

I know Tina is very selective about whom she accepts as clients. But if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.

Tina will give you incredible insight and clarity about what essential pieces are missing from your marketing, the solutions, and a powerful advantage in your business at multiple levels.”

Ashlynne V. Dale


Norwood Sawmills 

Wondering what kind of marketing magic I could stir up for you?

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