Hi, this is Tina Lorenz.

So today I want to start with a little story, a kind of damaging admission about something that Ron and I really love but we try not to do this too often.

It’s going to In-N-Out Burgers for a hamburger.

Now, if you’re from California, Nevada or Arizona, you’re probably familiar with the icon of In-N-Out Burgers.

They’re not anywhere else in the United States. For a very long time, they were only in California and then they’ve gradually lapped over into Arizona and Nevada, which we’re happy about since we live in Arizona.

In-N-Out Burgers was started in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California by a couple by the name of Harry and Esther Snyder.

Harry and Esther had very simple value systems they wanted to apply to one drive-in restaurant that would sell fresh hamburgers. They wanted to provide the highest quality food, friendly service, in a sparkling clean environment.

I can tell you they still are doing just that. Their family and the ongoing company founded in 1948 from the great idea from they had, still lives up to that value system today.

Now, you might wonder why? What do we care about that? Okay, I like a tasty burger once in a while too, but how does this apply to my business?

Well, think about this. The highest quality product and friendly service. How about ethical and reliable service, consistent service, welcoming service, all of those things, in a sparking, clean environment.

Whether you have a bricks-and-mortar business or whether you’re an online business, you might see the analogy in sparking clean environment as ethical, highly ethical, value driven, value based, customer service, giving a quality product, and really following through on what you promise, following through on your guarantees, following through on what you say your product will do.

That’s all part of sparkling clean environment as far as I’m concerned.

But back to the actual In-N-Out Burgers.

We went in there one day early in the morning. They often open before 10:00 a.m. because they have so many rabid fans like us. And sometimes we actually have breakfast there. We skip breakfast and we skip lunch, and we just go there mid-morning.

So, I went in to order hamburgers and I noticed something over my head that normally wasn’t there when I was in ordering a hamburger. And it was this.

It was really, really BIG money. Couldn’t help but notice.

I said, “Hey, what’s up with the big money?”

They just kind of laughed, “Oh, they just hang it up there to get them all revved up for the day.” Because they have very strong community in their employees. They sing while they’re working, they banter, they joke around. They have a good time while they’re providing excellent service.

So, I did something that I think all of us need to do in our business.

I asked them for the big money.

I said, “Would it be okay if I had the big money? Do you mind? Could I have it?”

And they gave it to me.

So, there’s another analogy for your business. If you don’t ask for the big money, you’re never going to get it.

I share the big money with you today to inspire you.

No matter what the economy’s been doing, no matter how you may have been trodden on a little bit over the past couple of years.

Maybe the new economy has impacted everyone. It’s a whole new reality, and that new reality comes into your marketing.

Not in a sense that you can no longer make a good living or a high profit online, but in the sense that you need to adapt. Be flexible and adapt to the current conditions.

I promise you that when you do that, it’s still going to be very possible to get the big money…to ask for it and to get it…if you remember our friends Harry and Esther Snyder’s value system:

High quality, great service, sparking clean.

That’s it for today. I hope that you’ll come back over and over again and share Tina’s Marketing Minutes with me.

My goal is just to give you some very high-quality content, some fun, and maybe some new ideas–new approaches on how to do some things in your marketing that will prove fruitful, profitable, and even enjoyable for you.

Don’t forget to comment right down here. You can always leave me a comment. If you have a question, I’ll get to you and I’ll answer it the best I can on the next Tina’s Marketing Minute.

Until next time, this is Tina Lorenz.