There’s aN Evolution revolution with all the potential for the most positive outcomes brewing. And it involves shifting from moving through life settling for the status quo to embracing your Essence Elevation.

Essence Elevation represents a profound and transformative process that encompasses both personal and professional “quantum leap level” growth for heart-based entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, and founders.

Typically, that’s those of us on the far side of 40 and above. We are a battalion armed with  talent, expertise, wisdom, and a deep reservoir of dedication to service that is part of our collective DNA.

But limiting identifiers don’t sit well with Celestial Sherpas®.

And this is very much…

“We, The Sherpas…”

…and beyond.

The legacy starts with us.


We are modeling the revolutionary elevation of consciousness that will positively impact the lives of multiple generations within our families and communities.

We are on the precipice of creating a more prosperous new normal for all.

Unlike our parents, who may have quietly accepted decades of working for others with retirement as the ultimate reward, we are a cohort of unique individuals who bring both literal and intellectual wealth to the table, along with the creativity and flexibility to blaze new trails.

We’re the top 1%, the cream of the crop, who would rather embrace a new dimension of business than fritter away our lives by marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

And that doesn’t mean lining up to apply for another job in a corporate culture with a wet behind the ears boss dictating your lifestyle or staying stuck in a rut of sameness for several more decades.

We want our freedom, to express fully who we are, on our terms.

We know our age is an advantage, not a liability

We have the adaptability to translate the lessons we’ve learned over decades of experience, into new and innovative products or services.

We lead with integrity.

We speak with authority.

We are focused on serving and achieving powerful outcomes. 

And best of all, we bring our authentic selves to the process.

You may also feel you want to give back. But this isn’t just about altruism.

This is about creating phenomenal success at an elevated level, in a way that serves you too.

This is about not settling for boredom, quiet obedience, or numbing out.

It’s about staying relevant. It’s about reimagining what your next chapter looks like.

Perhaps jettisoning a stale career completely.

It’s about being able to integrate your professional and personal life into an ideal blend.

THIS IS about owning your value and creating Inspired business structures that build MULTI DIMENSIONAL wealth.

THIS IS about doing what YOU want to do, without apology or guilt

Want to travel?

Do it.

Want to create a successful
business too?

Absolutely achievable.

Been anchored to a multi-million-dollar business you’ve built over decades, and now want to do something more meaningful to you personally?

It's time.


What you will find with Tina is an expansiveness of vision you won’t find anywhere else.

She only works with a very select few by application and personal invitation.

Will you be one of them?

“My experience working with Tina Lorenz in a private coaching program was life altering for me. My time working closely with her remains one of the most significant and beneficial experiences in my last 30 years of doing business.

Troy Steine

Now more than ever, time is of the essence. Don’t squander it by ignoring your calling or settling for less.

Join the Evolution Revolution and redefine what this pivotal time of your life looks like in a way that works for YOU and creates the legacy you desire.

Tina Lorenz deeply understands the “later in life” emergence of your highest-level calling because it is exactly what she has experienced

She was already past 50 when she discovered the previously unknown world of copywriting and made a decision that this was the doorway to her destiny.

Tina went on to build a 7-figure business.

In an industry she entered with zero experience. After 50.

Much like her incredible clients, Tina mastered her craft, achieving an indelible level of expertise. She became known. Respected. Revered.

“She’s the “Queen of Copy” - and she’s awesome.” - Frank Kern

Copywriting is all about communication. And it is the most valuable and essential marketing skill you can acquire. It is the foundation for everything you will do in your business.

For Tina, it is an acutely sharpened skillset that she built upon to create massive success for her consulting and coaching clients—whether their project directly involves copywriting or not.

When she made her transformational decision to pursue success later in life, Tina Lorenz was a complete unknown. But it didn’t take long for her to blaze a trail that captured the hearts and attention of her future clients.

Tina generated over four-million-dollars in sales, with a million-dollar profit in just 30-days, for one of her very first clients.



“Our initial response from the marketing letter you wrote for us has been fabulous! We are shocked and thrilled at the unprecedented results. Your 2-page letter has raked in FOUR million dollars with close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS pure profit in a little over 30-days! We are overwhelmed! Thanks for the brilliant job!”

Mark Siedler

the “invisible force” behind seven and eight-figure launches and product sales, Tina rewrites the narrative AROUND possibility for her clients

Tina is one of the most respected women in online business and marketing. In her world, anything is possible when it is born from a place of authentic alignment.

From her phenomenal – after 50 – beginning, Tina created powerful business development and copywriting programs. Her tried and tested methods are rooted in enduring relationships and revenue-building strategies.

This massive body of work has stood the test of time, coming of age well before digital marketing changed everything – and standing strong ever since.

Founders, entrepreneurs, and experts fortunate enough to be exposed to Tina’s business prowess maximize effectiveness and profitability by building a business they love on a rock-solid foundation.

Tina knows a thing or two about building a business that leaves space for living life - leaning into her passions to champion the Evolution Revolution while being deeply invested in the success of her private clients

Tina’s timeless messaging and mindset mastery methods have transformed lives, businesses, and realms of possibility for her clients.

Her words are written and spoken with care. They build trust and relationships. Tina’s techniques have been used to make six, and seven figures a year – and beyond, all the way to multiple millions.

Not one to settle for generally accepted definitions of success, Tina is taking her accomplishments to the next level. With a track record of ample ROI and holistic business application, Tina’s brilliant strategies are joyfully integrated into her work with her private clients and through corporate consulting.