OK, just for the heck of it. And perhaps a few “Huh?” moments…

I won the marketing competition at Ed Dale & Frank Kern’s seminar.

As you can see, it was back in the day. I look a tad bit giddy because I’d just crushed hundreds of competitors with my clever strategy for Victoria’s Secret.

But Holy crap, look at us! Crazy how much things change. And I have no idea why I was clutching my purse. Maybe I had a gazillion bucks in it.

Gary Halbert freaking LOVED my “million-dollar letter” so much he begged asked me to let him give it away as a bonus at his Fusion Seminar in Miami, plus he wrote about it in his Gary Halbert Letter.  What do you think I said?

Hey, want to get your hands on that letter?

YOURS FREE: Tina’s Million Dollar Letter! 

Gary Halbert Loved It!
Read It. Swipe It. Rock It.
I sold out a $5,000 per person event I did many years ago, by using a Flip camera to do my promos, before video sales letters became a “thing.”
It was my birthday and I gave everybody at that event a new Apple laptop!
I was a heavily disguised featured guest on the Maury Povich show when he was still respectable, before he morphed into Jerry Springer.
I filmed a segment for Entertainment Tonight, in the same Hollywood soundstage where the movie Face Off was filmed.
I taught television game host Chuck Woolery how to run a game show style event I hosted on a multi-million-dollar marketing tour.
I drove Frank Kern’s Rolls Royce all over La Jolla, California. He was in the back seat. Yes really.
I’ve sold a physical product inside the Pentagon three different times and was the top seller of that product in the entire United States.
I’ve been homeless, penniless, stalked, scared shitless, and forced to flee to a domestic violence shelter with my kids. I truly know what it’s like to hit absolute rock bottom and rebuild your life.

I’m living proof you can overcome ANYTHING and go on to create your new reality. The bad stuff can either propel you forward or finish you. You choose.

YOURS FREE: Tina’s Million Dollar Letter! 

Gary Halbert Loved It!
Read It. Swipe It. Rock It.

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