No tech necessary!

That’s what I tell my copywriting students, and it is absolutely true!

Sometimes, it is simply a lack of knowledge about what all is entailed in strategizing and writing copy for clients.

And the good news on that is…not your problem!

Seriously, the tech part is up to your clients, whether they implement that part themselves, or have a team…it isn’t the responsibiilty of a freelance copywriter. Yay!

BUT…you do need to have an understanding of how all the “parts and pieces” fit together…how the flow of a marketing funnel works.

Which is also not a problem, because I teach that in my progam!

Here’s the other side of the coin though…

Sometimes we focus on a relatively small part of the picture…something that while it is important…is NOT the “main event” of what you are accomplishing with your transformational training.

There are lots of surprising (and some not so surprising!) ways we can limit our forward progression, and hold ourselves back.

Instead of focusing on one of the smaller “details” and becoming frozen in inertia…

Choose to shift your focus to the amazing things you’ll be able to do when you learn a new skill, and undersand how to build a thriving business!

Choose to see the higher elevation level of what you are achieving, instead of getting distracted by the “squirrel behind the tree.”

Choose to focus on what you will achieve in your business, that makes some of the smaller pieces of the puzzle fall into place easily.

Choose to think it differently!

Today, I’m talking about all of this and more…including why you should take advantage of the FREE marketing masterclass I presented yesterday.

It’s not too late to watch and learn! I’m leaving it up until Monday night.

Here’s why you should attend:

1. It’s free!
2. It’s absolutely content rich! You will learn SO much!
3. You’ll get a complete picture of what it takes to create a transformational online business!
4. It’s free!

Here’s where you can apply to attend: