We live in a world that often dismisses those of us with 20 to 40 years of business experience as outdated. 

It suggests we coast into retirement, settling for occasional recognition, and accepting that we’ve already done our part.

But what if there’s something more calling to you? What if it’s not too late to disrupt and challenge the predictability of a successful life?

It’s Profound. It’s Personal. And It’s Entirely Possible.

It’s time for us, as powerful and accomplished leaders, to step up.

Listen to your heart. 

Redefine your next chapter not as a slow fade but as a springboard to what’s next.

Face yourself with radical honesty and courageshow up, step up, and SHINE with all your brave brilliance.

Whatever is calling you, whether it’s a persistent whisper or a deafening roar, know that you are capable of achieving it.

Disrupting assumptions about who you are and who you’re here to BE isn’t selfish…

It’s A Divinely Contracted Assignment,

Meant Specifically For You

This is definitely your “If not now, when?” moment.

No apologies, no excuses, no delays.

And I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

I’m Tina Lorenz, also known as the Celestial Sherpa®

I provide intuitive guidance that comes not just from me, but through me. 

My mission is to empower you to move from head to heart, bringing your biggest, boldest, most audacious dreams to life.

With over 20 years in the transformation business, I’ve created massive success for my clients, both financially and personally, through:

✔️ Shifting low-energy beliefs to rewarding empowerment…

✔️Transforming wobbly imposter syndrome into unshakeable certainty… 

✔️ Turning hidden potential into explosive growth…  

✔️ And uplifting spirits into joyful celebration.

When you have gotten your fill of the accolades

The wealth. The status.

There comes a time when the depths of your lived experiences and acquired wisdom need to be realigned with your deepest dreams.

When we work together, my clients find their hearts opening to their true calling, finally recognizing, and embracing their valiant visions as their fulfilled dreams.

It Starts By Making a Commitment to Yourself

My own path has been far from ordinary. 

Starting when I was already past 50, as an unknown with no experience, and no degree, I carved out a new chapter that led to a seven-figure business within the first two years. 

This wasn’t just a change; it was a renaissance, proving it’s never too late to pivot into something new, vibrant, and immensely fulfilling.

Your journey can start at any chapter too. 

Whether you’re 45 or 75, what matters is not the date on your birth certificate—it’s the decision and willingness to step into your full potential now, rather than maybe someday.

If I could turn a single page into an entirely new volume of success

Imagine What YOU Can Do!

What if you could…

Rewrite the old stories that have held you back and master your new normal.

Vanquish self-limiting beliefs and barriers to enjoy a life of unprecedented actualization.

Embrace your true identity with a confidence that silences the doubters.

As the Celestial Sherpa®, my coaching clients experience a return on investment that goes far beyond financial—it’s a transformative voyage into the very heart of their aspirations.

For those ready to transcend the limits of the stories we’ve been telling ourselves and vividly envision what a quantum leap looks like, working privately with me can be the most rewarding and significant investment in your life.

It's an investment in:

✔️ Yourself.

✔️ Your family.

✔️ Your legacy.

We’re talking about a rewiring of neural pathways, unlocking extraordinary levels of self-determined success and deep contentment in the roles you cherish most.






I stand with you in these capacities, guiding you to your own powerful breakthroughs and meaningful recalibrations of what success truly means.

Together, We Ignite the Power of Transformation

With courage, clarity, and commitment as our guiding stars, we’ll navigate the journey towards a deeper understanding of what truly matters.

This isn’t just change; it’s an alchemy of a life well-lived into a legacy that stands the test of time.

For you—the founder, the expert, the trailblazing entrepreneur who’s tasted success but thirsts for meaning—there’s a new frontier to explore.

It hints at untapped potential and a deeper purpose that’s been quietly brewing beneath the surface.


Now is the time to harness your wealth of expertise and channel it into something unapologetically impactful.

Whether it’s carving out a new niche in service to others or bringing an innovative vision to life, the next step is about more than just ‘what’—it’s about the ‘who’ and ‘why’.

You sense there’s more to your story, an evolving tapestry waiting for you to weave in the threads of your actionable insights.

If you’re ready to answer that call, to seek out what’s been beckoning…

This is your moment

Whatever form it takes for you, it’s time to maximize your visibility, notability, and sustainability so you can create the best of your life.

Maybe you’ve nurtured a secret passion project, or you feel the pull to make a greater impact. Now is the time to turn that spark into a flame.

Through my signature coaching programs, I help you peel back the layers to banish boredom, revive your purpose, and boldly embrace your calling.

You undoubtedly need this transformation because guess what? One of the paradoxes of whatever level of success you’ve achieved is this

What Got You Here... Won’t Get You THERE

Using a blend of smart strategies, neuroscience, inner wisdom, and consistent support, I’ll guide you to break through limiting beliefs, activate insights into actionable steps, and communicate authentically.

You’ll become the extraordinary leader you’re meant to be, adept at navigating both personal challenges and professional opportunities.

Whether you’re refining your mindset, developing innovative marketing tactics, or stepping bravely into entrepreneurship, our work together will equip you with the skills necessary for real-world success.

Transformative results await those who are ready to embrace change comprehensively.

The Results Speak For Themselves...

My clients consistently achieve significant shifts—from increased confidence and clarity to establishing themselves as global leaders in their fields.

But don’t just take my word for it; here’s what they have to say:

We build portable sawmills. In the hands of our customers, our sawmills build dreams.

With Tina’s guidance, and the connection we have built with our customers, our sawmills are helping thousands more owners build their dreams. In the process, we have built Norwood into one of the global leaders in our industry. It is a process of legacy.

I know Tina is very selective about whom she accepts as clients. But if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.

Picture of Ashlynne V. Dale

Ashlynne V. Dale

President, Norwood Sawmills

“Deeply, intuitively guided and authentic in everything that she does”

– Greg Atkins

“The thing I like about Tina Lorenz, aside from the fact that she can write really well, is that she is an excellent mentor and teacher. And she “gets it”.

There’s no ego with Tina—she’s all about results. I’ve known Tina for a long time and have benefitted from her advice and counsel on numerous occasions. Clearly it works. If you have the opportunity to learn from her, and get what’s in her head transplanted into yours, take advantage of that immediately. She’s awesome.”
Picture of Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Direct Response internet marketing consultant and copywriter

Having been in business for many years, I found myself feeling burned out and stuck. I knew in my heart there was something more for me. But there I was thinking I was absolutely crazy to be considering a new career at “my age”.

Then I found Tina Lorenz and suddenly the vision of what I wanted for my life didn’t feel so far-fetched. She was a shining example to me of starting over after 50 to find fulfillment and success on my own terms.

After working with Tina for just a few months I shifted my business direction completely and made 4 times my previous monthly income. More importantly, I am now doing work I love that supports me emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Taking that leap of faith with Tina was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my future. She is a gifted teacher, masterful mentor, and mindset shifter. I would not have had the confidence or courage to make this happen without her guidance.

Age is truly only a number. It’s never too late to re-imagine your life and build a business that lights you up and feeds your soul!

~Jackie Cunningham

Picture of Jackie Cunningham

Jackie Cunningham

When We Begin Our Work Together,
Transformation Starts In Just 30 Days

THE Momentum


Each client journey begins with a Momentum Intensive.

The Momentum Intensive is a deeply personal 30-day sprint designed to catalyze significant evolution.

The Momentum Intensive isn’t just a precursor to further commitments; it’s a complete enriching experience that stands on its own.

Through this Intensive, you’ll engage with the foundational elements of Seeing, Healing, Restoration, and Convergence™.

These core principles are part of the H3 Hierarchy™ that supports profound self-discovery and empowerment.


Immediate Impact: Whether or not we continue our work together, this experience is crafted to provide immediate, valuable shifts in your mindset and capabilities.

Insightful Breakthroughs: Explore deep insights and begin a journey that can redefine who you are BEING in the world.

Integrated Clarity: Expand and develop strategies that can significantly enhance your effectiveness and satisfaction in your business and your life.

This experience isn’t just about preparing for what’s next—it’s about disrupting the status quo and waking up to meaningful change today.

Whether this is your first step towards transformation or a stand-alone venture the Momentum Intensive is designed to make a lasting impact.

Acceptance into this intimate partnership is a gift—a sacred step towards your legacy.

Are you ready, and more importantly willing, to begin?

Apply now, and let’s see if we’re a match to ignite our transformative sprint together.

Are You Ready to Reimagine the Best of Your Life and Create an Entirely New and Impactful Future?

Experience a radical renewal that reaches far beyond the usual business tactics and strategies, establishing foundational mindset shifts necessary for success on your terms.

I welcome only a select few into my Momentum Intensive each month, ensuring experiences that are both transformative and unforgettable.

If you’re willing to embark on this inspiring adventure and achieve the “impossible” together, take the first step and complete the form below.

Believing In You & Holding You As Powerful,

My time working closely with Tina remains one of the most significant and beneficial experiences in my last 30 years of doing business.

If you have that opportunity for yourself, I highly recommend you make the very wise investment to work with Tina in a private coaching arrangement.

Picture of Troy Steine

Troy Steine

Vancouver, CA