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Sales and marketing can move fast, especially online. In the time it takes to have a new website designed, you could find the window to a profitable opportunity for your business has already slammed shut.

Even worse, without a thoughtfully intentional, invisible foundation supporting every word of copy, every funnel, every email, and every other crazily complex to seemingly simple element of your marketing strategy… your entire campaign could collapse like a flimsy house of cards.

And that’s where I come into the picture.

I’m Tina Lorenz.

I’m Tina Lorenz

I’m a freelance copywriter, marketing consultant, mentor and teacher.

I help clients discover what’s missing from your current marketing strategy, and zero in on how you can increase your visibility, maximize your effectiveness, and accelerate your profitability.

I’m called The Queen of Copy for a reason. And youre in the right place.

You see, after I wrote the 43-page final version of his Mass Control sales letter, it was actually Frank Kern who bequeathed me with the title when he said…

“Tina is the QUEEN of copy.”

The thing I like about Tina Lorenz, aside from the fact that she can write really well—is that she is an excellent mentor and teacher. She’s part of our very tight-knit mastermind group, and when people have copy problems or get stumped, she’s always right there in the fray to help out.

Because the lady’s been at this a long time—not just Internet marketing, but direct response marketing. And she “gets it”. There’s no ego with Tina–she’s all about the results. She pares through everything and says, “Here’s what needs to happen.” That’s really refreshing, and it’s really rare.

I’ve known Tina for a long time and have benefited from her advice and counsel on numerous occasions. Clearly, it works—she’s got stack after stack of raving fans and clients. I think it’s next to impossible to get her to write for you these days. I’d say the next best thing is this–if you have the opportunity to learn from her, and get what’s in her head transplanted into yours, take advantage of that immediately. 

She’s the “Queen of Copy”—and she’s awesome.”     -Frank Kern

As you can see, if it’s a good fit and you’re accepted as one of my clients, you’ll be in very good company.

The ability to see past the obvious and illuminate the “between the lines” aspects of your market, is one of the intangible but powerful abilities I bring to every project I’m part of.

Will It Work for YOUR Market? Well…YES!

That is, if you understand the value of investing in your business at a high level, are open to exploring your options, and have the resources to spring into action with implementation.

But here’s the other part of WHY this works…

I’m selective about who I accept as clients.

That’s why you need to apply to work with me. That’s a good thing for BOTH of us, so we won’t waste each other’s time.

Now let’s take a quick look at WHY you’d want to do that.

Cool Stuff I’ve Done for My Clients…

Somehow through grace and frankly a bunch of extremely focused work too, I’ve found myself with an amazing tribe of like-minded marketers for clients.

When the stars align that way, the spectacular results can be explosive.

While I’m not at liberty to show you every hidden depth of the island of strategy their marketing rests on—or every mind-boggling detail of the impact it makes, I can share snapshots of the stunning landscape revealed on the surface.

Of course, super great results can only happen with super great clients, who invest in their marketing, and implement!

So, let me just pause to say thank you to all of mine, for making what I do so rewarding.

Unfortunately, I can’t highlight every single member of “Tina’s Super Great Client Tribe” (but you all know who you are!).

Instead, I’ll pull back the curtain and share a few “quick glimpse” examples.

Speaking of innovative, let’s start here with…

Why Gary Halbert Begged Me for My Million Dollar Letter

Well OK. Maybe he wasn’t TOTALLY begging. It may have been more like asking VERY enthusiastically.

It all started with a two-page lead generation letter I wrote for a client.

This particular letter was a “cold call” in print.

And to make matters even more challenging, the letter was being thrown into the fray with literally hundreds of zealous competitors…hunkered down in boiler rooms, relentlessly pursuing the same far flung herd of property owners, scattered all over the world.

You see, at that time, there was a particular parcel of property in Florida that hadn’t been developed yet, called Lehigh Acres.

Keep in mind, this was before the great real estate meltdown was even a blip on the horizon. The parcels had originally been sold as potential vacation property.

You know the kind…easy credit, small down payment, and modest monthly installments for a parcel of swampy land. For all I know, they originally were sold from the back of a van.

But then…real estate in Florida boomed to life! Every real estate developer East of the Mississippi wanted to stake their claim on Lehigh Acres land.

Including my client.

He wanted it too! But his budget was comparatively modest, and it was just him. No employees. No boiler room sweatshop. Just an intense desire to get into the game.

So, he came to me.

And I wrote him a seemingly simple 2-page direct mail letter.

I gave him very specific instructions about how it was to be mailed. He followed my instructions to a “T” (T for Tina, get it? OK never mind.)

A few weeks went by (remember, these letters were going all over the world!).

And Then, THIS Happened…

My phone rang. It was my client calling.

“Tina!”, he said breathlessly, “what in the world did you DO?”

He went on to explain that not only was he getting massive results from that simple 2-page letter…he was suddenly everybody’s new best friend!

His mailbox was jammed full of fascinating replies.

Some were the original 2-page letter with comments scribbled in the margins. Some were handwritten on scented stationary. Some were just scrawled on scraps of paper.

One was even sealed with a kiss!

He sent me a bunch in a Fed-Ex box, so I could read them for myself.

They said things like…

 “I’m not ready to sell yet, but I will save your letter and when I am, I  will definitely give you a call.”

 “Of all the mail I’ve received about this land, you’re the only one I have called on.”

 “My sister received your letter, and said you are a great writer, and she really wants to meet you!”

 “I’m 84-years old, and this is the first time in my life I’ve responded to a solicitation in the mail.”

And my personal fave…

From someone who wasn’t even on his mailing list!

 “A friend of mine received your letter, and I also would like to sell to you!”

And the letters kept rolling in. My client practically had to hire an army of personal assistants, just to keep up with his fan mail.

Ultimately, he ended up frantically scrambling for additional investors as the response exploded into multi-millions of dollars in signed contracts.

Gary Halbert Which brings me to Gary Halbert. (No, I didn’t forget!)

You see, my powerful little 2-page money machine astounded the Prince of Print himself, when I shared it with him at Gary Bencivenga’s stellar event in New York City, The Bencivenga 100.

Yes, there are TWO Gary’s in this story! Stay with me…

The event was crawling with online heroes. Gary Bencivenga was retiring, and this was his one and only seminar, where he revealed all.

And he limited attendance to just 100 people.

So, everybody who was anybody in online marketing fought tooth and nail to snag one of the $5,000 per person tickets. No credit cards. Cash only.

But I digress…

During a break on the first day, I spotted Gary Halbert chatting with John Carlton.

I worked my way through the crowd, because…

 I wanted to meet Gary Halbert.

I also wanted to meet John Carlton.

 I figured Gary Halbert would get a kick out of seeing my letter since I used one of his famous strategies as my inspiration when I wrote it.

I brazenly walked right up to them, letter in hand.

And there we were. Huddled together in the corner of the amazing conference room of the fabulous, $700-a-night-for-a-room, St. Regis Hotel.

Did you know each floor has a personal butler available? So posh.

And the conference room? It felt like angels should be singing, and we should all be whispering. Or praying. Or just sitting in awed silence.

Here’s how the St. Regis describes it…

“Vaulted, cloud-dappled ceilings hung with gilt chandeliers set the right tone for corporate and social affairs.”   No kidding.

Yeah, Gary B. (the OTHER Gary) was no slouch with his event. I even spotted Bono at the bar! Super cool for sure.

But back to my story…

Gary H. (the FIRST Gary) read the letter. Right there in front of me. Of course, he wanted to know how it converted. I told him.

First his eyes got big. He stared at me.

Then he stared at John Carlton.

Then they BOTH stared at me. 

And then the arm twisting began.

OK, not exactly twisting. Not quite begging either. But absolutely, positively, energized asking.

Gary insisted I not only attend his upcoming Fusion Seminar in Miami as his guest, but that I allow him to include the letter as a bonus for all his attendees.

Naturally, I said yes!

At that time, I was pretty new to the world of online marketing, which made it all the more incredible that this “where have you been hiding all this time?” woman waving a 2-page letter at copywriting legend Gary Halbert, created THIS for my client…

The Million Dollar Difference!

“The initial response from the marketing letter you wrote has been fabulous! Some of the owners I have spoken to tell me they are inundated with offers, but that mine really stood out because of its uniqueness.

I am shocked and thrilled at the unprecedented results!

Your letter has raked in close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS pure profit in a little over 30-days! We are overwhelmed! Thanks for the brilliant job!”    ~Mark Siedler, Real Estate Investor, Boca Raton, FL

Gary even wrote about it in his next Gary Halbert Letter…

Hey, it occurs to me that maybe you’d like to actually get your hands on the exact letter I wrote. With details about WHY I constructed it the way I did…

YOURS FREE: Tina’s Million Dollar Letter! 

Gary Halbert Loved It!
Read It. Swipe It. Rock It.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you’ll become an instant millionaire (but you might want to be prepared… just in case!)

And then there’s this…

 One well aimed “crack shot” sales letter immediately sells a coaching program to capacity with a stunning 50% response rate…and a waiting list.

 A series of persuasive emails generates an extraordinary 1,080% increase in response.

 A sales letter for a Teleseminar unleashes a stampede of participants, multiplying participation by an electrifying 500% increase from the previous call.

An inspired entrepreneur is forced to cancel her seminar when her lackluster promotion fails to rustle up even one sale. Tina jumps into action! Her new marketing sequence quickly fills the rescheduled seminar to 100% capacity.

A strategic series of online reports proves wildly popular, triggering an unprecedented clamor for early registration for the subsequent year’s seminar, nine months in advance.

And What About YOU?

Right about now you may be wondering if your particular niche is something I can quickly get a grasp on. And that’s a fair question.

Perhaps I’m unusual in this, but I’ve never tried to cram myself into one or two niches.

My marketing brain doesn’t work that way. I’m constantly seeing the potential for MORE in almost every market my diverse clients are active in.

For example, clients in these markets have discovered working with me to be VERY worthwhile…

Real Estate Investing

Herbal Supplements

Art Therapy


Brain Entrainment

Financial Planners

Professional Sales Training

Money Mastery and Mindset

Recovering from Miscarriage

Asset Protection

Like I said, cool stuff, right?

The point is, there’s every possibility that no matter what your ethical and legal niche market may be, working with me could be exactly what you need to multiply your effectiveness. (And let’s face it, have some fun with your marketing and baffle your competition! I love when that happens.)

Catch the vision of the width and breadth of what I can do for YOU.

Here’s what a colleague of marketing wizards David Ogilvy and  John Caples says…

“After 25 years supervising gifted copywriters at major New York advertising agencies, and working with both David Ogilvy and John Caples, I believe I’m a pretty reliable judge of talent. Few of the men and women in my experience had the raw ability to grasp the marketing challenge, develop appropriate advertising strategies, and above all, create campaigns that pulled, worked, and got results like Tina Lorenz.”      ~Peter Hahn, Senior Vice-President (Retired)  McCaffrey & McCall, Copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, Cunningham & Walsh, New York City

How lucky was I to have someone like Peter for a mentor along the way?

Kinda like winning the lottery. Not to mention how hip he is—long ponytail, black jeans, cowboy boots…totally not Madison Avenue-y.

Gotta love a rebel. 

So Now What?

Seriously, you have to ask?

If you’re ready to explore how you can totally rock it with your marketing,

do this…

Check out the potential for working with me here.

Right now would be good.

And did you grab your million-dollar letter yet? Yes?  Perfect.

But if not…here you go…

YOURS FREE: Tina’s Million Dollar Letter! 

Gary Halbert Loved It!
Read It. Swipe It. Rock It.

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